Can't Login, can not play at all

Seems myself and a whole lot of others can not play via steam right now due to unable to login error. Anyone know if it’s a steam issue or gportal or funcom or whats going on?

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@drachenfeles meant to post this:


This sucks because without the current log in system we cannot even play single player mode. FIX this please.

According to steam threat Funcom Social network is offline now for over 3h prevent any new players from log in …

I will repost for you guys:

Cool now we know, i guess they’re working on it.

I didn’t notice this thread when i jsut posted mine… i think they are in league with my wife trying to get me to do my laundry.


Can the need to log in to the live-servers be removed at least for the singleplay? Or perhaps have a cached login for people who have a bad internetconnection but still sant to play solo?

Dishes here…lol, I’ll just keep surfing the forum.

Funcom - u r the greatest … (fill in what u want). One mess after mess. You have managed really successfully to completely destroy a good game. Of course the login problems is fault of steam. Xou’re doing everything right.

It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood…

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