Can't loot El generator Artifact

Just finished the game and have this artifact missing, I know where it is but can’t get it(no option to take it, the only action is to cover)
Perhaps I did something wrong with the area boss fight:

  • Before starting the fight I hacked the computer.
  • I started the fight by charming the boss and sending him in open space so all the mobs will shoot at him
  • Killed the mobs and finished the boss before he activated the big robot.
  • Now all the mobs in the zone are dead expect this big robot which seems offline(can’t open a fight with him)
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Odd the robot should automatically start up when the fight breaks out even if the main boss doesnt take any actions.

i got the same problem (the big robot is still alive cannot fight him)

Thanks guys, I have reported this to the dev team :slight_smile:

I’ve run into the same issue, even though I’ve played out the fight completely normally. Killed alled the critters, lastly killed the big robot.
The game glitched after the last kill like this: the camera basically froze in one view, looking at the artifact, but I could still move characters around. The camera would not follow character movement. Nothing would make it move again even if I move the characters out of view. Only when viewing the world map and going back again it went back to normal.
Now the generator is stuck where it was, and can only take cover like the OP.
Is there a workaround you can suggest before a bugfix is released ?

Same here, even after today’s patch (dec 10)

Seems this bug is still present. I killed everything except big robot and now I can’t loot artifact.

I had the same issue.
After hacking the console, I mind controlled the boss away from the mech, and killed everything without the mech waking up. Afterwards I couldn’t trigger the mech encounter or loot the generator.

Had the same issue but it resolved itself.

Hacked console.
Initiated combat.
Killed all aggroed enemies.
Could not loot the El Generator. Lit up as if it was lootable.
Reloaded a couple of times, no difference, except the artifact no longer lit up when I used the flashlight.
Had a few enemies left on the map, initiated combat with them.
Noticed the El Generator lit up again when using flashlights.
Could now loot it.

I don’t know what part of this chain made what, I am pretty sure it was the second combat that resolved it. But who knows, perhaps reloading the game made the difference. Either way, not a lot of comfort for those who killed everyone already, but if you have enemies left this might help you!

This worked for me. I hacked the bot then picked off everyone but the Tank and Grey One. Then I took out the Mimir silently and assassinated the Grey One in the barn. Finally I took out the Tank on the bridge and looted the Artifact. The odd thing was that the Tank would always use his first turn to run all the way to the Artifact and trigger the “it’s alive” cutscene. Silly tank, I already destroyed that.