Cant play on same server from same house

Game mode: Multiplayer
Problem: Cant play on the same official or any server together at same house.
Region: U.S.

I have two xbox one x’s at my house. Both have purchased the game and both have xbox live. We cannot log onto the same official server and play together. We can log offline and play together and we can play on separate servers just fine. Just not the same server. I have opened all ports that xbox recommends. I have went into offline mode and then log onto server and that didn’t resolve the issue either (both xboxs logged into single player offline first). Not sure what else to do.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log in first xbox to game no problems.
2.Log in the second xbox to same server get the unable to connect to host.

Hi @Moxin, are the consoles on a wired or wireless connection?

Did you always have this issue or did it only start after one of the latest updates?

We also recommend that you try the following steps:

Check out what is your current NAT type:

Run a multiplayer connection test:

If you’re able to access your router’s settings, make sure that UPnP is enabled.

If possible, confirm that all required ports are being forwarded:

NAT types are open, We are both on wireless, I have all the ports open and forwarded. No issues with any other games, but this one.

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