Can't play along with my husband

My husband and I have been excited to play together. One of our friends is hosting a private server and while we can each connect individually to the server and play, we cannot both connect from separate consoles at the same time.

We cannot hardwire our consoles (there’s no way to safely get connected from a separate floor than our router) but this is the only game we have this issue with.


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It sounds like you only have one IP address. When you or your husband try to play together (outside of your local network) you each need your own IP address, otherwise the server thinks you are the same person. I don’t play on console so I’m not sure if there is another fix, other than having two separate IP addresses. Best of luck to ya.

BTW, welcome to the forum. :+1:


Hello and welcome among us.
On my private server (PS4 / PS5), I have two friends who live in the same place.
Their consoles are in the same room and they connect in wifi.
However, they were connected at the same time to the server, so (unless I’m wrong), the enlargement of the IP is not the problem.
I propose to install a CPL socket.
CPL sockets are an Ethernet connector that you connect to the electricity network. They allow the use of the Ethernet cable in parts far from the moden without loss of flow.

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post scriptum :

Sorry I completely forgot this: in server parameters (for G-Portal) he has the option “authorize” sharing family accounts ". If the administrator of your server does not validated it could be the cause of the problem. To be tested to see if it changes something.


Yup, that option allows more than one connection from he same IP address. :wink:

We will try this and see if it solves the issue! Thanks for the tip.

This is enabled and we still cannot both connect from separate consoles at the same time.

Avez-vous essayé la coopération pour voir si vous pouviez en jouer deux ?

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No, we haven’t tried co-op yet. Just online servers since we are usually trying to play with 2-3 other players at a time (one of which is our server host) when we play.

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You have to separate accounts. One husband, one wife. If only one has gamepass ultimate or gold.
Then you have to set account with gold as xbox home. Now you can play on this console with any account that doesn’t have gold, without gold account being sign in. Gold account can now sign in the second console and happy playing.

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Great answer. :+1: My wife and I have been playing since beginning but started with separate ps+ accounts. Not tech savvy. @Bambere

@DSNikki check out the information from our friend.

We do have separate accounts, each with game pass ultimate. Each account is over a decade old, so that is unlikely our issue.

Just trying to help.

Only one account can be signed in console at the time you want to play. Otherwise when you want to play on second console, it will pop up massage, that you already playing on the fist console.

I got 4 xbox in same household all are connected via wifi with 2 accounts having ultimate, they all can play conan at the same time.

You should definitely be able to play together at the same time. Hopefully you find the solution

Good luck

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I agree, it’s been frustrating because we can’t figure out why it isn’t working when it should and we have been able to play at the same time on two separate servers, it just won’t let us be on the same one at the same time.

Check that server settings.
It might have ticked off allowing family shared accounts.

Yep, we checked that after someone suggested it above and it is, in fact, enabled.

So, I am able to connect to the server just fine. I spent a couple hours in it earlier today with our friend/host. After making dinner, my husband hops into the server before I get back online and he gets in without issue. I try to join the server from a completely different Xbox account on a completely separate Xbox in the bedroom [the one I was playing on the server from earlier this afternoon] and it spends a solid five minutes in a loading screen before telling me I need an online connection to play, despite the fact that I am actively chatting with my other friends playing on the server in an Xbox live party chat.

Ask your host, if I can try to connect to their server.
I will try to see, if I can connect to it with two xboxes from same houshold.

I will get the information from him after I get off work today. I can’t remember the password but the server is Farfignewton.