Xbox game share bug

Game mode: Online PvP, Online PvE
Problem: Crash, Bug
Region: Oceania

On Xbox One you can share a game between two consoles. There’s the principal console where the game is and your familly can play it, and there the secondary console where the person who bought the game must login to be able to play. This way, I can play with my girlfriend to all game that a bought without the need to pay two times for the same game. Works for two consoles only.
I have a Xbox One X and a Xbox One on the same ip adress.
I’ve try DMZ, port-forwarding and UPnP but nothing seems to change a bit, the Xbox One X player can play nearly normaly (some crash sometimes but, has the patch goes around happens less and less), but the Xbox One player can’t even loggin to server. And that goes worst than that, when Xbox One player’s try to loggin, the Xbox One X player’s get kicked from server for no reasons. Sometimes the Xbox One X player’s get a “ban-like” account and can’t loggin too after a kick. Most of the time, when the kick lead to a game crash, we can’t loggin for nearly a day, sometimes more.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Put two Xbox on the same network, a Xbox One and a Xbox One X. Both with the game installed.
  2. Player 1 (don’t own the game but can play via xbox game sharing) loggin on Xbox One X and play.
  3. Player 2 on Xbox One (owner of the game) try to loggin on the same server than Player 1.
  4. Player 1 get kicked from server during Player 2 loading screen, and Player 2 can’t loggin after loading bar finish.

A couple of questions,

  1. Does the ONE X have the conan exiles xbox one x enhanced edition or the normal one installed?
  2. What happens when you host the game on your home xbox with the second/primary account.
  3. what happens when you host the game on the non home xbox with the second/primary account

ie. switch hosts see if it makes a difference

Hi, thanks for your time,

  1. The One X have the xbox one x enhanced edition installed

For question 2 and 3 we can’t switch as we like because only the account who bought the game can loggin on the two consoles. Player 2 (owner) can loggin where he wants, but Player 1 (non-owner) can only loggin on the consoles that as been tagged “principal”, here, the ONE X with the enhanced edition.
But in fact to connexion issue seems completly random.
For example, for a couple of days the ONE with Player 2 (owner) couldn’t connect to a specific server (Oceania PvP 2949) but Player 1 (non-owner) can go in with no big problem. On the other hand, Player 2 (owner) can go to another server (Oceania PvP 2960) without any problem (really ! smooth !), but Player 1 could never joint him.
Whoever go to a server can’t be joint by the other player.
When he try, the player in the server get insta-kicked from the server during the loading screen of the other player.
It seems that we can’t be on the same server at the same time. It’s strange because It happens before, we played together for hours and it was great, but, suddenly and for no reasons, the game on the ONE crash, and it was impossible to come back.
Recently it works, but only one time. Since then, and whatever the number of players nore the ping the rules is “you crash, you’re trash” and there’s no hope after that.

Today was special, I finally manage to loggin to the hellish PvP 2949 Oceania and said to my friend “yay ! join me it works this time !!!”, but she never been able to join. She was blacklisted now (no-owner, ONE X, enhanced). She give up and leave the ONE X for me to play, and I switch off the ONE. When I’d tried to loggin to the ONE X this time it was impossible… The 2949 the 2960, none let me in. On the ONE or the ONE X, impossible.
There’s something with the account or the consoles, the account from a consoles to another one… I haven’t find yet the exact trigger.

The only thing sure, is when someone coming to a server (whatever the server is, pvp, pve), the one already in get kicked instantly. Sometimes the kicked one can go back and play, but it’s really rare that he could, and very often what happen next to that not always the same.

For the records, we played like that in Diablo 3 without any problem, in Warframe there’s some strange bugs : someone invite my friend and I got the message, not her, and sometimes, in groupe, we need to find between 4 people of the group witch one could host. Not always the same player.
But somehow, we manage to play at the end. Conan Exiles seems more strict on “something” here.

For those who want to know, the latest patch (late june) seems to have solved a big part of the problem.
When I join my friend, she get kicked and I can’t join the server but, it happens only one time. She get kicked, I can’t join, then she come back and then I can join. Need two try to make it work but, hey, finally it works ^^

Thanks guys for the last patch :wink: