Can't play the game because of this

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Framerate
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 4514

Bug Description:

Its the second time this happens to me, last time it fixed after the server reset only

Bug Reproduction:

I am sorry!
But if this server has 20 land claims like yours don’t expect this server runs better!
Maybe you need to read this too since you’re here

Check the walls and villages section.
Correct your own error before admins do. And please take no offense, i try to be helpful here.

It has nothing to do with the place where i am because i tested the game on the ps5 and it runs normally.

About the land claim, thanks to the gate foundation bug, i cant finish my base.

This time it did not fixed after the server reset, i still cant play

If i knew this game had a lot of bugs, i didnt had bought DLCs

Its okay to have some bugs, every game has bugs, but the problem is that some of them leave the game unplayable, as for example:

The framerate drop that leaves the game unplayable
The gate issue that doesnt let us finish our base
The game losing connection everytime i go to the Frost Giants Temple

This is not a “game bug”…
That is client-side freezing… your PS4 is just dying… probably want to clean it out a bit (both physically from dust) and free up some storage space.

Your hardware is simply not capable of running the game properly. What @stelagel said DOES help though, reducing your footprint on the server and base size will reduce the amount of processing the game needs to do when you are in that area… so essentially yes, that would help a bit…

But ultimately the problem is your console itself. Understand that things age differently depending on use. So even though Funcom have been “trying” to make the game run properly on old gen consoles (PS4 is going to be a full decade old this year…), there’s a difference between a brand new PS4 and an overused worn-out dusty one.

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It didn’t cross my mind, just because if my console starts blue screens then this is my ringing bell to clean it :blush:.
This situation @Xevyr i find mostly in broken official servers, overbuilded with monstrous foot print bases. If these bases are completed with several animal pens that farm in a day a five minute farming outside, then i crash.
But i need the op to understand that this is not a rant against him. This is a conversation, exile to exile, player to player, nothing else. The best solution is to tell him to send a ticket on Zendesk for his problems. But this may not work as intended. That’s why i wanted him to look the rules. If his build does not break the rules, then he can send a ticket to Zendesk.

Just some more details:

I have been playing this game for over a month now and today is the third day the game is “freezing”
I created another character in another server and it is still “freezing” in the river with no buildings around
I created a character in single player mode and the game is running normally

I understand about the “PS4 old thing console”, but what i dont understand is that if it was unable to run the game, how am i playing the game for over a month with no problems? And why this “freezing thing” has happened in 3 different and random days?

And i clean my ps4 and laptop regularly

Because things change… either you built more stuff… installed more stuff on your PS4, or it’s getting to the point where slowly its processing power is weakening a bit (which happens with all processors overtime) and all of these random circumstances can suddenly reach the threshold where things go from running good to running really bad.

Ofc there is the possibility that they introduced some bug with the update for some object that you’re using and you’re experiencing that.
There was the infamous acheronian illusionist mirror, which did a noticeable client-side performance hit… they said they “fixed” it, but based on reports it’s still causing more of a performance hit than needed. So if you have any of those hanging on the wall, my advice is to take them down asap.
Similar decorative items could also exist that subtly have a much higher impact than you would expect.
It probably would be a good idea in case you ever manage to move your character… to go over your base and strip down some of the decorative items at least.

Be aware that every single placeable item, no matter how small is an actual replicated actor with a bunch of variables etc. and the graphical portions can have huge performance impacts even for silly tiny placeables.

The report itself ofc can still be useful, staff might ask you some more details about your base location and whatnot so they can go and investigate what’s nearby

I dont have any decorative itens on my base because it is under construction, and that is why i am not worried about the “land claim abuse” too, because it is not going to stay like it is now, but i had to stop building because of the gate bug.

And what is the difference between sending a ticket to zendesk and posting here? And how do i do it?

The forum bug reports are for issues that are with the game itself - essentially things that need developer attention.
Zendesk on the other hand is responsible for the data that is on their official servers. So anything related to the status of those servers / cheaters / hackers / any sort of inappropriate behaviors on their official servers, account issues, problems with your purchases etc. go to them.

For example, let’s take that mirror I mentioned above.
If the problem is that the mirror makes the game lag in an unrealistically bad way and you can easily test it by having a vastly different experience with the mirror placed than without. That indicates the item has an actual game-bug / problem associated with it. Then you would make a generic report on it here.

If the problem however is that on the official server you play someone put down an excessive amount of these mirrors to make your game lag, that would be something to report to Zendesk.

Generally if you think the issue is more related to the server being overbuilt / needing a restart etc then that should go to Zendesk. If the problem thou appears on private servers and single player too, then that would go here :stuck_out_tongue:


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