Can't replace Foundations but deletes them

So I’m trying to update current foundations in my place to the new DLC foundations and I can get most of them to place… but behind a gateway and gate (Which I deleted to get the foundations in and now can not replace them because the foundations aren’t there) 4 foundations were deleted when I tried to update them and will NOT place now…even when trying to old foundations. 2 of them show white ghosting as if I can place and make the sound as if laying them out…but says “Failed to place building”. This is at the corner of a tower and I REALLY don’t want to have to rebuild the WHOLE thing… I’m sure others will have similar upsets with this issue.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
On the “KillersUnleashed” server.

So I destroyed the whole thing minus the foundations and even the foundations around that area… I was able to drop the 2 outer foundations but I can’t place the 2 center ones. I can place ALL AROUND them, but not there… and there is no reason why it shouldn’t place them. AAARRRG!

I can put 3 fence foundations in that spot, but nothing else… not even ceiling tiles :confused:

Hi, you can try doing something else for about 5 minutes, then go back and try again, or you can destroy one of the foundations your try to snap to, and try replacing them :slight_smile:

I appreciate the attempt, but yeah, that’s been build 101 for a while now… and nope, none of the above works. One of the other knowledgeable builders in my clan tried as well and she’s just as stumped.

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Another update… places along the build as it grows higher are doing the same thing. Items that I can build below and overhang above are fine, but some floors only have half of their flooring… and walls just won’t build… All areas are at LEAST 80% and most 100% load bearing.

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So after the server restart last night everything is not placed that said it wasn’t placed yesterday. I’m hoping this will be an end to that particular catastrophe.

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