Can't travel to Ymir's or Atzel - wtf?

I’ve done a few quests in Ymir’s, including the very quest that actually takes you
into Ymir’s , and i also picked up the quest from the mercenary camp to go
into Atzel’s approach. Yet the PF in Old Tarantia will not give me the option to
travel to either, and i’m tired of having to travel manually every time to both maps.

And i’ve completed almost every quest in Atzels, apart from the dungeon quests.

So WTF is going on ?, what do i need to do to unlock these locations ?.
The char is L72 .

You need to take the PF to Conarch.

The Conarch Village PF should be able to transport you to either atzels or ymir once you spoken to him to “unlock” the zones

Yes apparently i had to pick up an invisible quest for EG.

As Halfdead said, you can not travel from OT directly to the outer playfields of another country, like Atzels or Ymirs. Each hub city traveler only brings you to another hub city or the outer playfields that belong to their country.
Here is a map that shows the direct connections between each zone and dungeon (though I am not quite sure if the F2P restricions are accurate atm).

I think it only lacks Tortage Smugglers connctions. You can see this connections ingame on the world map.

In addition to the “normal” direct traveling via travelers you can have this ports:

  • Path of Asura (from lvl 10 ?, ports you to the Asura Traveler you are bound to - to bind you to a specific location you need to talk to the lokal Asura Traveler first) and Path of Ahriman (just another port to your Asura Traveler)
  • strg g: Premium ports for coins you only get when subscibed, and free ports you can use when hitting certain achievement point thresholds
  • Veteran Ports: from the Veteran guys, only avaiable for old subs that got veteran coins in the past
  • Path to the Arena in the Field of the Dead: buyable when reaching a certain rank in the Arena
  • strg r: group finder: direct port to the dungeon
  • Totem of Origin: item obtainable in low level dungeons that ports you to your characters homeland hub (you can optain this on your own while doing a low level dungeon like Sanctum of Burning Souls)

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