Grouping question for returning duo

Considering coming back to the game and duoing with a friend from level 1. after you leave Tortage how difficult is it to sync up with others? is it still as simple as just talking to an NPC to travel between cities as indicated below?

To travel between these areas:
Khemi to Old Tarantia: Talk to the NPC on the Northeastern docks.
Conarch Village to Tarantia: Talk to the Wagoneer.
Old Tarantia to Khemi: Talk to the NPC on the Northwestern docks.
Old Tarantia to Conarch Village: Wagoneer on the road through the southwestern gate

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Yeah ! You can link up easy and quest together after tortage destiny quests you’ll have to do alone though

Don’t forget Khemi to Gateway to Khitai: Talk to the NPC across the water from the backside of the Serpent’s Head Inn. Swim or use the canoe transport to get to the other side and staying to the left go inland and you’ll find him.