Any way to get around faster in CE i just recently got in anothera reya but its always way to far and takers ageds to get back

Anybody know of a way for me to enjoy teh other parts of CE ?
i just got to some other areas after a long walk,even got some resources but its a pain in teh ass to walk there everytime.
i also been to teh city, i was hoping there would be some sort of tp

any tips to make it a bit better to move to other places ?

thx in advance

If you’ve been to the unnamed city there is a pillar with purple mist around it. Be sure to click it. If you go inside the building and down the stairs there is a ghost you can talk to which will let you learn the map room. Once built this will let you teleport to any of the pillars you’ve previously interacted with.

You can also learn sorcery and the final spell you learn is a teleportation platform that lets you create a network of portals wherever you want.

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Three options that I can think of. First and most basic is to find and train a horse. There’s an island toward the east of noob river, just before the jungle, that has horse foals and shoebills. Grab one, stick it in a stable with some herbal fibers, and presto.

Second option would be to go into the Unnamed City Archives and learn the map room to teleport to attuned obelisks.

Finally, build a thaumaturgy bench, learn transport stones, and scatter those wherever you find convenient. You’ll need dancer thralls or some other way to get rid of corruption by each stone, unless you’re rocking the sorcery.

The distance is good to keep gamers separated in the sandbox. For example, two alphas sharing the same server. They have to stay within their bounds else they’ll fight for the spot every day. East versus West

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Get a horse!

Build a stable (edit:Build hammer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) Then find and grab a young foal out in the world, put it in the stable, feed it some fibre, wait a day, and you’ve got yourself a mount.

You’ll have to make a saddle though to actually ride it, otherwise it’ll just be a pack horse.

Foals can be found in areas along / near the noob river, and in the central highlands mainly.


Old data…build hammer.

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Ok here are the feasible options…train a horse at the stables, learn how to build the maproom and unlock travel obelisks, learn sorcery to max level and get a teleporter network with dancer thralls, level 15 agility helps you running speed

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yes i saw the pillar with purple mist but when i got close i got corruption
so i left the pillar undisturbed

I only found 1 pillar in the unnamed city, so as far as i read these 2 types of teleports ?
The map room and teleport to obelisks, and building a thaumaturgy bench and teleport stones that i can place anywhere i want, but i need to put a dancer at every tp stone ???

where do i learn sorcery, and if i use that tp system, i dont need thrall dancers then ?

Kill’em and collect their possessions. Surely there is something there that stands out.


The sorcery teleporting stones are far more corrupting than the obelisks and the corruption you get is dependent on the travel distance. You don’t technically need a dancer but when you are 50% corrupted after traveling and you want that removed, you’ll need a dancer.

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Hmm… I thought marking corrupted attribute points defeats the purpose of the dancer. It started to make sense.

The Obelisks will only corrupt you while you either a) Stand near them or b) Use them (via a map-room)

What level are you? If you are fairly low level still, honestly I’d just get a horse.

If you want to use something more advanced, then yes Sorcery is a pretty good path to follow, but to build the teleport stones requires time and fairly specific ingredients. Ditto for the map-room.

I’m not trying to put you off, but just letting you know there’s work involved. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Scope creep. The op was just talking about fast travel options in game. As far as corrupted attributes go, yes and no for the dancer aspect. Yes most corruption is null and void if you maxed out your corruption but teleporting gives you the beyond 50% that dancers can expedite you recovery back to whatever status quo is.

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what items do i need to look out for??
i killed sorceress, and some drop some papers or notes and i click all of them to see what i can read, but nothing happens.
the only thing that is interactive is a map of some stash place i believe that i need to compare with the map.


That’s it. Find the location and gain the secret knowledge of the elder ones.


i am level 60 and I was just looking for ways to tp a bit easier so i can do some gathering of resources without having to walk or run all the way back, and a horse will probably not have many slots to carry resources

so i guess the option of the teleporting stone sounds teh best for me and i already had a thrall dancer at home because i had a bit of corruption i needed to get rid of.

sure its not a level 4 yet but i will find one at some point

If you’re on your own server or single player, you can install Pippi mod - includes ability to set waypoints and “sethome” so you can teleport home by typing “/home” in chat. If you’re not, and haven’t learned sorcery yet, sorcery is going to be the longest path to take but well worth it in the end. But you will have lots of grinding mats and sorcery scrolls etc before learning the spell for teleporting. Horse and Map Rooms are best way to get around before you learn that, and often even after learning that as the Obelisks you teleport to are pretty well spread around most key areas of the map. Good fun exploring to find them too. Get a horse trained, get the Map Room recipe from Unnamed City and build a map room at your base (build base close to an Obelisk for easy return trip - build map room at each Obelisk as you progress too - really convenient) and then grind for sorcery upgrades. Or just install Pippi. Enjoy.

Ah well, sounds like you’re all set, just gotta jump through the right hoops.

Following the Sorcerer’s map would be a good start (at least for Sorcery) - Just to be clear, learning to build a map-room has (at least in game-play mechanics) nothing to do with the Sorcery skill tree.

You learn how to build the map-room simply by talking with the Archivist who is located within the Unnamed city. After learning the recipe, you just need to find the specific ingredients needed to craft it. After that it’s just a matter of tracking down the other obelisks scattered throughout the land and attuning your bracelet to each one.

Oh and I believe horses have ten slots for their inventory, which is not too bad, all things considered. Also, there are other animals that can carry more, such as Elephants and Rhinos, should you need more inventory slots.