Cant use Battlepass Items if given to friends

I made a wight horse for my friend who missed the first battlepass, he cant ride it. Did this change or is it a bug ? Iirc I was always able to craft items for friends who diddnt get a dlc or pass and they were able to use it.

DLC items were transferable (though, with the change to the building hammer, many of them now cannot be passed to people that do not own the dlc), but battlepass items and bazaar items (and, as far as I know, Twitch drops) were set up from the beginning so they could never be given to others. I’ve wondered a few times if that applied to things like mounts as well, looks like it does unfortunately.


Bazaar and Battlepass items are linked to Funcom Live Services in regards to ownership. DLC isn’t.


I bought DLC in the past because someone gave me building pieces,weapons or armor from a dlc i didnt own yet.

Ever since they made this pathetic attempt to block people from sharing dlc items.

And the scummy bazaar tactics with P2W and the inability to buy coins for exactly what you need.

or something from the past.

I refuse to buy anything from the shop.

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