Can't use ARM ( no tools no weapon!)

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: Bug
Region: [ue]

hello everyone ,i’ve follow about an issue for my problem but nothing . so i 'll explain you what’s it is .
after few hours in game (official serveur) i can’t use my ARM ,no tools ,no weapon . i can use L2
and R2 when i return on solo mode i can do everything . i m really sad about this . because i must begin again and again ,and always do this bug .
please help me .

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Drop all weapons/tools from radial menu to make sure bugged item is removed. Then equip what you want. Worked for me…good luck

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When in your inventory, don’t use the " Sort item " option, if you pick any option other than custom it will bug the radial menu, just set it to custom and restart. :slight_smile:

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i m really happy that there’s people like you !!! it work i’ve left all my stuff from radial menu and restart …after i’ve put weapon/tools one by one ,pressing R2 to put radial menu without used inventory ,and it’s good ;i hope they will change this menu ,so hard to play with pad !!

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