Caravan Raiders - Vral the Wrathful fight is bugged

Caravan Raiders Hideout

2 times in the last 2 weeks, the Vral The Wrathful fight has bugged for us. It does not give tyhe exit or any trial time, cause when the boss dies, the area stays “in combat” .

Which also makes it quite impossible to leave that area (in-game). The only way is to kill yourself, if you have that option.

Okay, the Constantius fight (Scorpion Caves) ends in the area staying closed after killing Constantius. But here you can use your ports.

Halls UC end fight, Acheronian Reaper is bugged as well.

Since the Skull Gate patch the last bosses in Caravan Raiders UC, HoEF UC and Scorpion Cave UC are bugged. When you kill them, the doors remain closed and group is locked in. Problem is easy to reproduce because they do bug every time.

Those are serious bugs and already in game for too long. Please fix.