Cascade Exiles [PS4] Chill PvP for Mature Gamers. We Eliminate the BS so you can Focus on the Fun!

PS4: Cascade Exiles

NA East (low EU ping)

70 slots

24/7 PvP

Evening & weekend base destruction (because you’ve got a life):

Day Hours (Eastern) Hours (UTC)
Mon-Sun 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM 9:00 PM - 4:00 AM

Current Rates:

  • All XP 3x
  • All Harvesting 3x [+ daily Happy Hour boosts]
  • Crafting 0.2 (5x)
  • Thralls 0.5 (2x)
  • Purge Level 6, Requires 1 Online Player, 7 PM - 12 AM EDT
  • Friendly Fire 0.2
  • Clan Cap 6
  • Decay Timer ~8 days
  • Night Cycle & Hunger/Thirst tweaked for QoL
  • Drop on Death, Remain in World
  • Weekly Events, Discord (required!), Over 40 Community Map Rooms
  • Our players vote on server policies and new features!

Last Wipe: June 2nd

Server bill paid through September

Server backups are made every 24 hours

Mission Statement from the Admin Team:

We created Cascade Exiles as a sanctuary for mature gamers seeking an escape from the toxicity and abuse found in most PvP servers. We believe it’s possible to enjoy PvP battles, custom-made events, and PvE content all on the same server. Establishing yourself in a community after spending hours searching for a new home is a significant time investment. Why go to the trouble of creating multiple characters when you can get everything you’re looking for in a single place?

We offer a friendly, highly active admin team who are dedicated to improving your experience in the Exiled Lands. In order to eliminate abuse, none of the admins participate in PvP. The Admin Panel is reserved exclusively for events, building/restocking community structures, reimbursing players after server accidents, and removing abandoned bases. No favors, no favorites. We’re available to assist with server issues during most hours of the day. Our Visitors Center at The Sentinels will help you knock out over 30 Journey steps in mere minutes. Still need that pesky Tower of Elephant trophy? We got you, fam!

Our users rule at Cascade Exiles: nearly all policy changes are put to a vote in our very active Discord community.

There’s now at least six families of gamers who visit our server daily and are active on Discord. If you’re looking for a non-toxic PvP environment, give us a try!

Thanks for taking the time to read our ad. If you decide to drop in, please join our Discord server for a free pet! We hope you enjoy your stay and make some new friends. If not, consider leaving us some constructive criticism in #server_help!


Events this Week:

  • TazzCrazyerThanU will be hosting a two-stage event Friday night! First, choose a champion to represent your clan (solo players welcome!). Meet at the CE Arena (F5/G5, in the desert north of the Corner of Bones) at 8:30 pm Eastern. All champions will fight to the death in a battle royale. The top three contestants will return to their clans and be given a grid square in which Tazz is hiding. The first clan to find and kill TazzCrazyerThanU wins! Prizes:

    • Winners will choose one the following prize packages until they’re taken:

      • Legendary weapon suite
      • Selection of T4 thralls
      • Thrall Farming suite
    • Fragments of Power & Skeleton keys for all participating champions!

  • We’ll be hosting a bracketed PvP tournament in the CE Arena this weekend. Top prize will be a PSN $ card! Please visit #polls to vote on your preferred day of the week.

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Love this server I’m honored to be apart of this great community. Admins are fare and cool AF . If your look g for a home where you can just play the game and not worried about people being ■■■■■ look no farther. 10 out of 10


Woot! Love Cascade Exiles and the experience they’ve provided for all players!

10/10, Would raid Stormcloaks again

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Cascade has a community that really wants to see the server succeed. Yes we had a big discussion on peoples play styles and there was plenty of emotion on what could or couldn’t happen. But I’m the end a lot of us came away with a better understanding of our fellow players and an even stronger commitment to the community.
All in all this is a community I believe in enough to donate to and even run my own personal events with PSN cards to reward the players.

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Tazz’s event has been rescheduled to Friday night. Plenty of time to check us out, level up, and dominate. :smiley:

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We now have a server beastmaster! Are you a new player in need of a tamed guard for protection against the feral beasts? Need a personal meatbag for extra storage? Hit up TazzCrazyerThanU for pets, gear, and all around awesome advice!

All players are welcome to enjoy the exotic delights available at Crowngrove Bazzaar, hosted by Azier77 in A9.

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We’re hosting a bracketed, 1 vs. 1 PvP tournament in the arena, tonight at 9:00 pm Eastern. Top prize is a PSN $10 card! Thanks to our full service Visitors Center, there’s still plenty of time to join Cascade Exiles, level up to 60, and win the tournament. Join our Discord server, read the rules, hop over to #event_chat, and type: !signmeup!

Bring your own gear, weapons and buffs. No restrictions. Healing is allowed. You keep your items; no looting of corpses. Second and third place will choose from a prize package pool: T4 thralls w/ alchemist or thrall farming suite.

Location: F5/G5, in the desert north of the Corner of Bones

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This is the best server ever :purple_heart:
It’s so much fun, people are so much more helpful than on other severs but it still doesn’t lose the flair of pvp. It’s the perfect balance of fairness and fun and the admins do an amazing job :fairy:t2:‍♀ Super kind and relaxed, very motivated to make the best out of the Conan experience and they always help out super quicky. I love the fact that there is a beast master, and I’m going to visit you soon tazz.
Thank you so much for your help star :pray:

Hi i would like to know if you have room for a 2 person city builder clan? We build big so no worries if we’re not what you want.