Frustrated from searching for a new home? Refresh yourself at the Lost Cascade! [PS4] [PvP] [NA +EU]

PS4: Lost Cascade

NA East (low EU ping)

55 slots

24/7 PvP

Evening & weekend base destruction (because you’ve got a life):

Day Hours (Eastern) Hours (UTC)
Mon-Sun 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM 9:00 PM - 4:00 AM

Raid hours to be extended to 2 AM on weekends soon.

  • All XP 3x
  • All Harvesting 3x
  • Crafting 0.2 (5x)
  • Thralls 0.5 (2x)
  • Night Time ~2 mins (10x) [Vanilla dark Saturday nights]
  • Purge Level 6, Requires 1 Online Player
  • Friendly Fire 0.2
  • Clan Cap 8
  • Drop on Death, Remain in World
  • Weekly Events, Discord (optional!), 15 Community Map Rooms
  • Generous Starter Kit Area, Variety of community structures
  • Our players vote on server policies and new features!

Lost Cascade is a 55 slot PS4 server offering respectable PvP for mature players (attitude is what matters, not your age). We’ve boosted the values for quality of life but have tried to avoid going overboard. No harassment or racism tolerated. No walling off resources, bosses, pathways, religious trainers, recipes, or areas of the map. Server is rebooted daily; abandoned bases are scouted & removed each evening to eliminate lag.

The owner is chill and understands how frustrating it is to A) level up yet again while looking for a server that suits your needs B) find a fun place to play where the admins aren’t vindictive children (there’s only two admins, and they play on separate accounts; the Admin Panel is reserved for events, helping new players, server accidents, and removing abandoned bases). We’re available to assist with server issues during most hours of the day. Swank starter kits are available at The Sentinels to boost you through the Journey and mitigate the grind.

There’s now at least six families of gamers who visit our server daily and are active on Discord. If you’re looking for a non-toxic PvP environment, give us a try!

Despite being a PvP server, our players have built some amazing structures. If you visit, be sure to stop by the Aquilonian Villa and Gom’s Keep, now open for business!

Are you a PvP vet thirsty for new blood? Now seeking clans to feast on our juicy bases, ripe for the taking!

We upgraded to 55 slots in early May and plan to maintain the server indefinitely. Paid in full for the next month.

Curious? Please drop by our Discord for a free pet. :slight_smile:


Just joined only a few moments ago and I already feel that this is a nice and well meaning server!

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We’re glad you’re having fun! :slight_smile:

Server News:

  • Arena events this weekend!

  • Roman villa with NPC merchants is almost complete

  • Weekly PvP bounties coming soon with awesome rewards

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We’ve upgraded to 55 slots. :slight_smile:

There’s now at least five families of gamers who play on our server and are active on Discord. If you’re looking for a non-toxic PvP environment, give us a try!

Despite being a PvP server, our players have built some amazing structures. If you visit, be sure to stop by the Aquilonian Villa and Gom’s Keep, now open for business!

Love this server it’s been my home for a little over a month me and my son play. Admins are active and good people. They help when ever they can. This is a great home if you are looking for pvp and good people to play with come check us out.b

I’ve been on this server since almost the day it launched and I cannot say enough about it. The admins are amazing and always trying to help players as much as they can. Lots of infrastructure as well, things like community map rooms are beyond helpful especially to newer players. And tons of server events too. From arena battles to Easter egg hunts they’re really on the ball for getting everyone involved. If you need a server then I highly encourage you to come check this one out and join the discord.

Lost Cascade Assault the Admins Event

Tired of having your base wiped & gear stolen by bratty server owners? Banned before getting payback? Ready for justice to be served?

Refresh yourself at the Lost Cascade! Come demolish the admins, this Saturday at 7:00 PM Eastern (11 PM UTC). Our headquarters at Relicwatcher Rise (on the line between B7/8) will be stocked with explosives, phat loot, and multiple avatar tokens for your pleasure! The entire server is invited to assault the ramparts, slaughter our thralls, sacrifice us at the altars, and nuke our favorite base into oblivion.

There’s plenty of time to join the server and prep for the event thanks to our generous starter kits, located at The Sentinels (intersection of G3/H3/F4/H4). Multiple bomb making & refreshment stations will be available just outside the Relicwatcher Rise base to help you kick our butts during the siege!

Also, our Fashion Show is currently ongoing at the site of our old arena (top right corner of D7). Visit our Discord channel for details!

  1. It’s no secret that our two admins play on separate accounts without logging in as admins (it’s mentioned in the first post above). This is public knowledge to our players; we’ve made multiple announcements about it on the Discord channel and the PSN group chat. Everyone is afraid to raid the admins on Conan Exiles. We’re players too, and we want to PvP just like you! :slight_smile:

  2. If Walmart were cheating, why did we have two unsuccessful attempts at your pyramid base before we broke in the third day and blew your chests?

  3. You were never griefed by anyone. You were never spawn killed, and you were never foundation wiped (despite your very vocal, disingenuous claims in the chat room, which you later admitted were embellished). When Walmart raided you, all three of your buildings were left intact, and almost all of your benches survived. After the solo player raided you and killed your benches & Map Room the following day, most of your pyramid was still there.

    Whenever you successfully raided another clan, you mocked them in the Discord channel. But every time someone raided you back, you lashed out with personal attacks and rage quit. Anyone reading this post is free to come to our Discord channel to read the truth for himself! All of your toxic comments are in the message history.

    Despite your lousy attitude, we bent over backwards trying to get you to come back to the server, helping you rebuild, returning mats from the raid, offering you tools and benches, etc. Remember when we spent several hours getting you and your friend geared up during your last attempt to rebuild? Instead of lying low and making friends, you stole from a different clan that already held a grudge against you (for targeting them when they were low level…which is against the rules). Even then, you were not foundation wiped in that final raid.

  4. Correct, we have no official rule against foundation wiping. While it’s in the Common Courtesy section of the Read Me First, we are a PvP server. Some clans might want your territory. We feel they should have the chance to claim the land, although they may end up paying the price for it when other clans hear about the excessive use of force. Frontier justice.

  5. There are many jaguar cub spawns on the map. The rule states not to block large resource nodes, bosses, recipes/trainers, and common pathways. Out of over 40 clans, you are the only player who ever mentioned this issue. Further, you said you were fine with the rule when it was explained to you in voice chat.

  6. We currently have no limit to the number of bases clans can build (most have been mature and respectful), but this may change soon. We want what’s best for our players, allowing them to vote on policy changes in multiple polls each week. The main reason we’re hosting the assault the admins with avatar tokens event is because we want to be fair and reduce the number of bases we have. Plus it will be a lot of fun to have our butts kicked by everyone!

    As far as spawning in items, we’ve been playing for weeks and grinded every foundation, wall, and ceiling of every base (some of which were later donated to the community, like the Aquilonian villa). Harvesting is at 3x! You built three T3 altars and a sprawling T3 base in the span of 24 hours, and your pyramid was up a few days later.

Considering you rejoined our Discord channel a few hours ago to “expose” us while advertising your server, it sounds like you’re neglecting them. You’ve been pestering us in chat, on reddit and over here all day. Your players might stick around if you focused on their satisfaction instead of petty revenge.

Add to that your toxic behavior in our Discord channel and the litany of explicit PSN messages you and your friend sent me, we should probably be warning players to avoid your server. But we aren’t going to name drop. Our users are happy–please leave us be. You do your thing, and we’ll do ours.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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10/10, would steal everyone’s stuff again :+1:

Just did the Raid the Admins event they had, and I must say this is the most fun I have ever had in a game for a while. 10/10 Server, would recommend to anyone.

I have played on a few different servers both public and private to max lvl and I have to say this server Is by far the most fun I have had playing the game. The Admins are awesome and do weekly events. They are honest and just enjoy enhancing everyone gaming experience. Cant imagine finding a better server to play on honestly.

youre right we love you

this doesn’t sound so bad.
how is it with new players? when i start to build a base will it be attacked and destroyed fast? are there clans to join from the start?

i am still looking for a pvp server for me and my brother which is lag-free or as lag-free as possible… how is that on your server?

In that case, please edit your comment above with a more accurate version of what happened and how you were treated. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  1. With our starter kits/visitors center (and a little vapor trap action :P), you can reach sixty in a blink. In fact, we’re home to the Lost Cascade Panda Shank Challenge: hit the level cap within two hours of receiving your starter kit/free pet from an admin to win our super deluxe, premium, enhanced, luxury, designer, gourmet bonus package:

    5 skeleton keys

    5 fragments of power

    5 legendary repair kits

  2. No. We have a rule that prevents new players from being targeted.
    (Once you’re level 40+ and/or have explosives, you’re no longer new.)

  3. Yes. We have at least three dozen active clans! Our Discord channel is the best way to get in touch with those recruiting (#find_a_clan).

  4. Lag is minimal. The admins remove abandoned buildings every day, and we have a team of players who report & dismantle unused bases. The server is rebooted at least once each day to keep it fresh. We’re considering adding a rule to limit the number of bases clans can build to keep it as low as possible.

  • Our Assault the Admins Event this weekend was a smashing success! The desert mesa base was wiped by over half a dozen hidden avatar tokens, and multiple vaults of loot were absconded with. Bravo, players. :slight_smile:

  • We now have 15 complimentary Map Rooms for you to enjoy plus a variety of community structures.

  • Raid hours have been extended to midnight Eastern every day of the week!

Damn i dont Mike bonus packages or power leveling at all. Everything else would be fine

Forgive me, I should have clarified: that challenge is completely optional. In fact, you’re the second person I’ve mentioned it to. Out of all our players, only one has attempted it. :slight_smile:

Just joined the server about 4 days ago and let me just start off by saying THANK GOD to be away from official. I have been having a blast meeting tons of friendly new people and some who are down for some good OL PVP action. with the harvesting rates and taming rates bumped up, getting attacked is more forgiving. Im loving my stay so for and looking forward to the upcoming events Lost Cascade puts on.

This server is straight unfair, the remark with the “Walmart Security” is true. The first day that the server was up the “old admins” had a lifeblood spear at level 30 which would be impossible the admin spawned it in for them and helps them out. We were actually banned from the server for just killing people because they are complete garbage at pvp. We killed them while they using a map room. You’re supposed to not kill people while they TELEPORTING IN from the OBLEISK. In the discord itself the admin himself said you are supposed to get a warning, we never were given a warning at all. He before said that he likes to get TWO sides of the story, and despite all the invites me and my clan invited him he didnt join. He was in a party and invitied our 12-year old clanmate to talk to him and then instantly kicked him from the party without hearing what he had to say. But in the party was the beloved “Walmart Security” ADMIN clan. Its stupid straight admin abuse.

And the sad part is that we actually really enjoyed the server but i will never play on this server again just because of the admin abuse its unfair.