Catapult / Treb damage broken (Official - no mods)

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Treb damage is broken. Hits does NOT register. They registert once in a while, but like 9/10 does not register. Tried both on official pvp and private to recreate the bug, and it is the same on both places.

Try it yourself. Build a 10x10 wall in tier 3 and shoot 10 treb rocks at it. Max 1-3 of these rocks will make any damage to the structure.

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1.Build Catapult / Treb
2.Launch normal boulder at building
3. See building MAYBE take damage once or twice, then nothing.

For some reason the demon fire barrage works every time. But normal boulders nope…


It could be because the boulders no longer have AOE damage, and so its misleading from what you would expect. Only one building part will take damage.

I tested in single user and there, the boulder always damages something. It’s clear to me that the boulder is almost useless, and at a higher cost, thus I’ve not bothered to use it for real in online other than to trial for aim. Its also possible that online its different (and worse like you reported) from what I found.

Trebs are nerfed big time. A whole thread on that topic here…

Thanks for the answer, but its actually not registering. I have accounted for the nerf in my tests. Its just broken :frowning:

Hey @Jengster

We’ll poke our team about this.
Thanks for the feedback.

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