Catastrophical items loss

So, in short words. Yesterday on Sunday 2022-10-16 around 22:45 CET the official server 1213 went down. When it was back online, multiple chests, stations and other elements from my base just vanished without a trace. The loss is complete and catastrophical as I lost not only materials but chests with unique random-spawned legendary loot that I grinded for 200+ hours, like Sword of Crom, Blade of the Adventurer and many more. The server log says something about items in house “lost stability”, whatever it means…

Now for Christ sake, I spent so many painful hours to find all those items only so it gets deleted in a second, just like that, really???

Please, can anyone from Funcom assist here and help to restore the items?

I am playing the game for 2000+ hours now, over 3 years and bought all the DLCs. I have been patient with all the countless bugs in the game but seriously, this is more than I can handle this time, sorry. A bug is when you cannot mount because thrall blocks horse - when you loose in an instant all that you have been working for in a month is a final game killer, at least for me. If I cannot get back my stuff, I will just quit despite fact I really love(d?) this game :((

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I have never heard of funcom admins giving back lost loot. I thinks its even in the tos. Did you by chance use the “move” feature on the stuff that lost stability? That feature has a known bug that causes the moved items to poof. Also theres been a general stability loss bug thats been around for awhile that hits at random to some people. I always let any new base I build sit overnight before moving in to see if it gets any stability glitches

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Unfortunately, as @DESTROYER pointed out Funcom in fact does not refund loot.

This is a game of loss. I feel for ya and it isn’t fair in what you would consider a justified loss in the spirit of a survival game. The game cheats you, bugs cheat you, cheaters cheat you and even Funcom cheats you.

I suppose there might be some solace in knowing that the SoC is pretty much just a fancy ornament now.

Sadly that is true :frowning:
It’s part of the official server ToS

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Yea. Conan is not a game that uses common sense.

It’s brutal, non-player friendly, and generally a kick ya in the dick experience.

Fun, for a while, till the dick kick part.

After a while you go numb to the pain.

Greetings Exile, and welcome to our forum! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your report. We will contact you in private to request more information about this case.

Please check your forum notifications for our direct message.

We appreciate your support.

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I did not move. But tip about waiting 24h or more before trusting new structure seems like a very good advice indeed.

Well… yeah… as a Conan veteran… and after a couple of 0.5’s of vodka… I decided I can live with that loss :slight_smile: And yeah, SoC is sort of shit these days, very sadly =/ Still, prettey rare tho.


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