Cauldron menu too big and crowded

The Cauldron menu is massive due to the excessive number of color variants we have, its always a pain go through that many options searching for the dye we want.

We should only have the base dye color and light / dark colorant in the cauldron. It should be possible assign the colorant direct to the dye and make the color variant. That way we wouldnt need any of the light and dark dye color variants in the cauldron menu, reducing it by 2/3 of its size.

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Also… if I may add an idea of my own in here, it would be awesome if you were capable of filtering out all the dyes from cauldrons.

I think (at least in my experience,) normally you need the dyes 1 time out of the other 9 times you need to make other stuff… and the proportion of clutter is the inverse, the dyes occupy 9 time more space than the other useful stuff you need more frequently.

I’d say, what about providing persistent filters that lets you not see the dyes and leave the other stuff alone?

If you have plenty of space you could set a single lone cauldron for dye making and leave the filter out from that one, and turn the filter on in all the others that you use for crafting stuff that’s part of the building cycle.

The filter should be persistent in the sense that it should remain applied until you change it, not forever of course, but it should survive server resets too… or else, is not persistent :slight_smile: