Ceiling tile stability

On the third floor of my tower the center of the floor had a one tile gap where i couldn’t place a tile due to stability. After continuing building on the next floor I went back and was able to place a tile to fill the gap, so thought it was just lag. I placed an animal pen on top, but upon logging on got the message “ceiling tile has lost stability” animal pen destroyed…

This was after the latest patch, however after tearing down the entire ceiling above for height clearance to replace the animal pen and doing it all over again, I got the same message. This is so frustrating. How am I able to place a ceiling tile only for it to magically lose stability and disappear when I log on?

I had the same issues, stuff breaking whenever I relog, it was super annoying, I don´t know how to prevent it

And the most frustrating thing is even when giving a nice detailed bug report about an issue, the devs won’t reply.


Your best option is to place pillars under the ceiling so you’ll have more stability. And don’t waste your time awaiting them devs to answer anything: they’ll tell you to come here to share your problem so it may (always may not) get solved eventually.

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