Center placement

Is there any trick to forcing center placements on ceiling tiles or foundations? I’ve had this problem many times where objects will not place in the center of a tile/foundation or set of tiles/foundations. Objects always resist center placements with a "not aligned with ground’ message. But they can be placed off to one side or the other. For example I made a square tower to place a shrine on, but when I try to place the shrine it refuses to accept a center placement and will only place slightly to one side or the other. This is of course rather unpleasing to the eye.

Its just the way the mechanics are in the game. Its think your trying to place it on an edge. Any pics to get a better understanding?

Depends on axis and what center is on.


the middle is inbtween the tiles, so you’ll get a off message from time to time.

but 3x3 will have a tile that can be set on fairly well.

Also…it kinda sucks the boundary for objects is hidden. And they can be abit fidgety on what you think is center.
And some objects… (cough) derkito altar is actaully kinda corkiqed.

korkid… corkid… crooked? Holy cow… I can not spell that word… and spell check is ready to shoot itself trying figure that one out… and google just failed to help, LOL


The tiles are 5x5 and I’m placing a shrine of set so there’s plenty of room and I’m not close to the edge.

“Crooked” is the word you’re looking for.

As mention, (well… partly, but ya…)

The object has invisible placement thing. Its not just center. Its outer edges. Altars change shape/get bigger. You could just be close to edge, and it may not be just center triggering issue.

Again, Derkito, is fairly hard to place dead center. (not so much that its crooked) But if you look at sides, you can place it “center” or even off edge of walls/ledge and its abit off.

I know few of other objects can do this to. Blacksmith bench can clip in wall abit more on one side then other. (did… may have adjusted it)

But ya, some objects can just be weird. XD

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