Unable to center/align shrines on foundation or celing platforms

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: | Bug
Region: NA

Shrines will not place centered on foundations or ceilings. They can only be placed on celings or foundation platforms if they are not centered or not at an angle that is parallel to the placement of the foundation/ceiling

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build an odd numbered square/rectangle platform of foundations or ceilings (5x5 or larger)
  2. With a shrine on your hotbar, select it for construction
  3. Attempt to visually align the altar in the exact center of the platform with it’s sides parallel to the platform’s.

Results; The message “not aligned enough with the ground” appears while trying to place it at an exact angle that is both centered on the platform and square with the foundations.

It will place if rotated so that is not square with the platform (mousewheel up or down)
It will place when the sides of the shrine are closer to either side of the platform, but not centered, regardless of the front or back of the shrine’s proximity to the sides of the platform.

This occurs at any angle from the player when trying to align the shrine to the center. Rotating the shrine at an angle to the player’s view and attempting to align the shrine to the center of the platform reproduces this issue.

This was experienced with Ymir, Set, and Derketo shrines

While this is primarily an aesthetic pain point, it is incredibly frustrating to be unable to place shrines squared off to the edges of the space designed for them.

Some form of snap function would be very helpful, similar to the way pillars snap to foundations and ceilings.


Yeah, this is so annoying… SA servers with the same problem.

If your character is not properly lined up, you will not get them to line up.

Those to are slightly misaligned. Yog does not matter much due to its shape.

Set is the only one I got very close to right since I had two walls to line it up with.

My gripe is similar, but pertaining to statues, beds, workstations, etc, that will not line up on cracks or centered on ceiling tiles or foundations. My OCD drives me crazy when I can’t center decor because it’s “Not aligned enough with the ground” because of a crack in the foundation that I’m centering it on…

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