Ymir and Seth shrines dont aligne well with foundations

Game mode: Official 1005
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: Europe

I built 5x5 foundations and tried to place a Ymir shrine exactly in the middle. It said that the shrine does not aligne with the ground. If you move a falf foundation to the left or right, it works well. If you upgrade the Ymir shrine, the whole object moves around one foundation. Yes, I know, it is a cosmetic issue but still a annoying one and very old. Could you fix this please ?

Same with Seth shrine. Just Seth does not move after upgrade.

Mitra works best of all shirnes. No Idea why MItra works and Seth and Ymir have such problems.


i know if’s same if you try to place ymir on top of ceilings. if you line it nice and perfect to the seams, it won’t place. you have to drop it slightly off center which really irks me! issue only seems to be side to side though, not front to back.


I know, i fiddled around a lot with these shrines, and i hate when they aren’t centered, and look like just put here quickly. But like you said, it’s mostly mission impossible. Nearly good, but never perfect !

But it’s an old issue, still had it more or less.


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