Ceronesthes- Everything Wrong with Conan Exiles (And How to Fix It) - PVP Review and Suggestions

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Ceronesthes posted a deep dive into the current state of Conan Exiles PvP and suggestions on how to improve the PvP experience. I’m posting this here for Players on the forum to have a spot to discuss the points he brought up in his video.

Full video: Everything Wrong with Conan Exiles (And How to Fix It) - PVP Review and Suggestions - YouTube

Timestamps with points discussed:

00:00 – Intro and Video Goals

03:55 – Unraidable Bases and Unfindable Solos

06:55 – Conan is not a PVP Game (and thats ok)

10:19 – Barriers to Entry

11:32 – Farming Bloat/Barriers continued

15:59 – Drawbridges

17:50 – Hanging Bases

20:23 – Poisons and Antidotes

22:00 – Food/Ambrosia

24:00 – Farming with Planters

24:50 – Serpentman Weapons

25:55 – Teimos

27:30 – Sigils (Fiend/Gremlin)

29:13 – Feroxic Weapons

30:28 – Aspect of the Demon Helm

31:27 – Full Loot PVP Games and Conan

40:31 – Double Exp/Gathering Rates

41:35 – Clan Size Reduction

45:12 – Gods

49:15 – Daggers

51:50 – Horses, Visible Health Bars, Bearers Overview

01:04:45 – Lances and Horses

01:06:47 – Rhinos

01:07:29 – Visible Health Bars

01:08:28 – Bearers and Stack Sizes

01:10:10 – Server Transfers, Farm servers, etc

01:16:22 – Server Transfers and Pay to Win

01:16:56 – Transfer Suggestions

01:19:03 – Bodyvaults

01:20:40 – Importance of Potential Outcomes

01:24:15 – Small Tweaks Summary

01:24:55 – Wipe the PVP Officials (at least once)

01:25:53 – Changes for Content Creators

01:29:38 – Make the Player List Public

01:31:35 – Dynamic Building Damage (is a bad idea)

01:44:12 – Importance of Raid Windows

01:45:38 – DBD Alternatives

01:46:14 – Building/Raiding Disclaimer

01:47:04 – Building Overview, Types of Bases

01:49:55 – Upkeep Costs (are a bad idea)

01:50:50 – Spacial Economy/Economy Update Concerns

01:53:55 – Fence Stacking Overview/Concerns

01:57:33 – Building Pickup Concerns

02:00:26 – Building Problems Summary Offense/Defense/Goals

02:04:17 – Adjusting Door/Gate Health

02:06:03 – Vault Health

02:06:27 – Bomb Cost and General Raid Summary

02:09:45 – Trebuchets and Raid Summary Continued

02:11:26 – Admin Bans and Zendesk Mains

02:16:00 – Thanks for Watching c:


OK over 2 hours long so it’s going to be a bit.
My take on what I watched already.

Unraidable Bases and Unfindable Solos
-This has been in Conan since day 1. It doesn’t make sense that now ,5 years later, everyone is figuring out that hey real estate matters or that solo’s can go complete nomad. Solos are solos so what’s the big deal in not able to find them? Solos should have a hard time raiding even offline (that would be a complaint on ease of assault vs unfindable solos…solos should be blips on a radar for a 10 person crew. Now his idea of nerfing drawbridges? Yeah no brainer and should have been done already. It’s a wooden thing with multiple points of articulation (IE weak points). It should be considered T2 mat worthy and less HP than a 5-6ft thick foundation…just saying that is should have happened years ago because the HP made no sense.

Conan is not a PVP Game (and thats ok)
I believe what has changed most is the PVP efficiency and treating the game like Rust… Why is it a problem that Conan PVP is different than other PVP? By trying to fit PVP as one type of play, the PVP of 2019 is not the same experience as 2022. I totally agree that it’s not a PVP game like Rust and that there should be PVE elements in it…but I believe this needs to be fleshed out as the intent of FC to make the PVP mode just like the rest of the modes but with more risks to your stuff. When I started, I viewed PVE, PVE-C, and PVP as just different layers of risks of the same game. How much are you willing to take as far as potential loss and reward? But the game itself was the same. Only when I came to forums did I get ‘schooled’ in that no, these are separate games that need to be further separated…the problem here is that each time FC did an update, they did it globally and those that believe in this separation were disappointed. However if you view it through the lens of its the same game just with varied risks and interactions, it makes more sense.

The PVP game also suffered as this ideal cemented on the servers. The PVP element lost it’s soul and became a thuderdome experience because the traditional PVP element continued its success through sheer efficiencies and min/maxing. Those that were used to more, settled into the PVE side of things or just left the game. The PVP game is actually enhanced if you have the PVE elements in it and the game becomes truly epic.

I truly believe that FC just needs to dictate the vision of PVP for CE and work towards that in the game design…and yes this would mean push the thunderdomes away to make room for those of us that want Epic stories of this open sandbox game can be molded and told.

I am half way through and agreeing with just about everything

Fellow filthy PvE-er here as well, comfortably agreeing.


Coming from official pvp… I agree with the majority of the video. He knows what he is talking about. I will say in regards to beastmaster Taimos. The thrall is a go to mainly for the very fast leveling. On official it’s very common to lose thralls frequently and fast so it’s very convenient to have a thrall like this. Nobody wants to level a relic hunter for 2 days and have it die in 5 minutes. I would like to see other thralls brought to a similar leveling speed if he is taken out of the equation. I think it’s along the same lines as making the harvest rate better. I know many official players would agree with me on that.

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I have mentioned drawbridges like 2 years ago already. No one believed me that this was OP back then (here on the Forums).


Lots of good points in the video. Ceronesthes approaches CE’s design systematically, it’s always beneficial to have their input on a subject. I like that even when dismissing possible solutions they don’t agree with, they make sure to offer up alternatives and didn’t wholesale dismiss the motivation behind those proposed solutions.

I know they dislike the official forums, but I always enjoyed their input here back when they posted among us. Their vids are both enjoyable and thought provoking IMHO.


I like video he made some good points.

Best way is make lvl 60 in pvp much faster or instant.

I think harvesting basic mats should have no weight major reduction in weight so you don’t need bee encumbrance mode while farming.

Couple time I tried stay in combat but became encumbered then someone showed up and I still quickly died.

  1. So basic any mats obtain by tool has no weight.
    This will still need encumbrance build for raiding but not for farming.

  2. Give spare block feature that if horse hits instantly knock rider off and changed his hit box that make immune to lance. Also make javelin be able to dismount.

  3. Nerf daggers damage or give huge stamina drain that u have focuse stamina builds to use them.

I think shorten raid window would be good. I think it be great if player can set up window not dynamic but set it up well I work 2nd shift which typical 3-11 so I want 11am to 2 pm or 9 am to 2pm

New crew of forumites with different ideas and a few more years of objective observation…tends to change what should happen…at least it should. I know my attitude over horses changed over the years.


Just want to add, that despite not being a PvPer myself, I can understand the need for change for the betterment of the game.

I appreciate a well constructed video such as this for detailing a lot of concerns I’ve seen brought up on this forum.

And to be honest, if PVP is not fixed then the life of this game will be short lived and other PvEers need to understand this as well.


The game has some major design flaws. But this doesn´t make it less a PVP game then others. This game was designed around PVP. It should be honored and played the way it was created for. To push the game more and more towards PVE only leaves the PVP community in need to defend it even harder. They do not want to loose a game they love. Its tiresome to explain this over and over again to people. This game, like a lot of things in life, urgently needs more balance and mutual acceptance between the Conan Exiles coms. Instead of constantly seeing an enemy on the other side of the table you should see a friend that shares the same passion for a game you both love and hold dear.

People need to understand that this is not a war between PVP and PVE. Its a battle for the survival of the game itself. We keep this game alive by playing and honoring it. Each of us the way they enjoy it the most.


I’m about half way through,

Firstly I would like to say on the subject

  • Unraidable Bases and Unfindable Solos

I agree no base should be unraidable, and solos shouldn’t need to hide.

BUT he overlooks the reason IMO, it is because off line raiding is the meta.
No one wants to grind for any amount of time, only to log into a looted base.

Better off line raid protection is a better solution imo.

  • Horses

He accused people like me, of not being a true PVPer because I like the mounts.
Mounts are NOT the problem, LANCES are the problem.

I agree one shot killing someone should be removed. But it’s the lance that allows a one shot not the horse.

I like mounts for transportation, and hate the map room. But I’m not rallying to remove map rooms because I know other people like them.

Other than those two points that really irritated me, I agree with what he is saying.

I’ll proabaly post again after I see the remainder of this hours long video.


Finished - whew!

It’s too long for forum commenting on every point. Generally speaking a lot maybe even most of his points are a bit myopic. And some are extremely myopic limited to and by the narrator’s knowledge, experience, and playstyle. For example many of his suggestions would destroy PvE - but since he doesn’t seem to play PvE like, at all, he’s unaware of the conflict - or at least failed to mention the impacts.

It’s a well made video other than that - trouble is, that negates about 50 or 60% of his points made.

Many other points are moot based on his own contrived and believed strawman thinking. For example he claims over and over again that many aspects of Conan are “just not fun” because in some other game it’s easier or faster to do or achieve X, Y, or Z - or that some aspect of gameplay “isn’t satisfying” within Conan itself. That’s a subjective strawman! It might not be fun or satisfying for him, but it certainly was and is for me! Just the many strawman type arguments presented here are disappointing.

Similarly there are also a lot of points made on false assumptions. For example he makes several points from the assumption that the Conan Building system has a steep learning curve. I dunno, maybe I played with blocks as a baby more than other kids or something but there is NOTHING difficult about the building system in Conan… so for me all the points that followed were based on that false assumption. Again, just one example of several others. But maybe that’s a strawman thing too and belongs in the above paragraph.

Add to these a few places where his information is just false on it’s face and overall I’m not very keen on the video.

If I were to grade the video on pertinent points made - relevant to the entire game, I’m afraid it would get a D or an F. Narration style get’s a B, Information Flow again fails with an D+, but effort get’s an A for sure! :slight_smile:


It’s a conan video… so it’s going to get likes. True that without a point by point rebuttal of each and every false claim, outdated and currently untrue claim, very poorly thought out “solution”, and strawman based argument, my general grades mean little or nothing by themselves. But I’ll let others do that work. I don’t want to spend my time rebutting lunacy and falsehoods.

The main problem with the video as I see it is that he prefaces with an opinion about a problem that could potentially be seen as an actual problem. But then gives false and strawman reasons for why the problem exists - and then finally offers “solutions” that would either make things worse or mess up other aspects of the game! Gawd I’m glad this guy isn’t a designer at Funcom!!!

That’s not to say that ALL of it is bad or suffers from these faults. Only about half of it or so. But a 50% hit to miss ratio isn’t that good… ya know… 50% is fail in almost all endeavors.


I made it through,
He has some really good points.

I would like to take this opportunity to list some of my thoughts.
He is spot on with the doors needing a HP buff.
And I am in 100% agreement about Dynamic Building Damage being a bad idea.

To be clear I when I say off line raiding is a problem, I don’t mean it shouldn’t be possible.
I mean it should be more challenging, maybe a buff to thralls when the player is off line?

  • Archer thralls should be a formidable obstacle not a joke as they are now.
  • Base defense should include traps that work and are hard for the raider to see or disarm.
  • False walls, or foundations that make it more difficult to locate the loot.

Off line raiding is too easy, but it is necessary. I think it should be challenging.

  • Repairing

He is spot on here too.

What if we took away or nerfed the players ability to repair?
and replaced it with a thrall that passively repairs?

The thrall wouldn’t work during a raid, and the player wouldn’t be able to repair or repair enough
to make the base unraidable?

I plain to be raided when I build, and for the most part it works, off line raiders walk away from my base without the bulk of my loot.

I find the repair after to be the most tedious. It is for this reason alone I like the “pick up” feature of building parts, I can repair then pick up the piece to repair the one behind it, then replace it without building a new piece.

If we had a passive thrall that would repair after a raid and could get to the damage?
We would still need to give the thrall the materials.

I do like picking up benches though, sometimes you need to move things around and making new benches is annoying.

Sorry up to 6.5 k views now


I would claim the number of clicks it got isn’t relevant to it’s accuracy in premise or conclusion.

I also think you’re wrong about people here just involving themselves in mindless argumentation.

And no, I’m not disenchanted with it only because it lacks “the right solutions” - although that is one area where it fails. The falsehoods, inaccuracies, and strawman reasonings are the biggest hurdles for me.

I think a lot of how one summarizes this video depends on their perspective going in. If they’re a disgruntled player they are much more likely to view it with a less critical eye and cheer the fact that someone is being critical of a common foe - Funcom. If like me, you’re enjoying almost every aspect of the game, then it’s viewed with a much more critical eye and it becomes easier to view it in the cold light of reality.


That’s fine! I don’t mind being in the minority. Historically it’s the minority who change the world - usually for the better - bringing reality to the confused and delusional masses. :discopug: :innocent:


Attune the obelisks is one of the most beloved and beneficial habits I have in this game. And I believe that I am not the only one. From pve to pvp there are many players that created their own rout to gain the obelisks the soonest possible. The benefits in this action from the very beginning are enormous. My participation mainly in different servers all these years is just to do this crazy run, go lvl 60 the soonest possible and do dungeons the lowest lvl possible. If the teleport system will leave the game I believe that the company will make a huge step behind. Improve the mechanics of the game is always better than removing them. You know years ago I asked teleport stones and I get pvp flags. So I can confirm 100% that they listen, they just act as they think and not as I think and I love it. I like the ideas of ceronesthes, but I do not dislike the game as it is. I believe that something good can come from this video without following exactly the ideas of this player. @Wak4863 once in another video said that “they listen to us a lot and this maybe bad. They have their own vision of the game and they should better follow it”…
I totally agree with this and that is one of many reasons he is my top Conan exiles YouTuber.
After all their vision brought as all here, isn’t it?


Good point. The pvp community have been the minority in these forums so we will see what happens.