Reduce drawbridge HP

200k is too much, compared to the HP of a normal gate.

It should be the same.

It should be 300k.

It’s like saying the vault needs more HP.

Actually, 200k is fine. It’s meant to be tanky. You can always place 50 bombs at once to blow it up without leaving your enemy the opportunity to repair it. Or you destroy the fence foundations below that only have 90k hp. Destroy them and the gate frame will crumble

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I would be happy with it as well, if it would be like this.

Best example is the building at the dam. Try to place 50 bombs there to insta blow it. The foundations can be built underground, so bombs do no touch them.

If you get online raided, and you hear the enemy stacking bombs in front of your drawbridge, you can just place 1 bomb at your side and blow it, resulting in the other bombs exploding as well.

Then you can repair the drawbridge.

If you build a trebuchet to raid someone, you can protect it with drawbridges (build it inside a cube). It’s just stupid to counter raid that.

It seems either the trend or status quo to use drawbridges as walls around the base. They aren’t small bases. It’s a feature.

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At most dam bases you can place bombs behind the drawbridge and then blow them to kill the player behind. Do this every 20 seconds and they wont be able to repair and the drawbridge will fall

why not trying to keep your posts up and running instead of creating a new topic every month ?

-> When will Funcom fix this... Next to 100 other things


You just gotta put the work in for it, it is a bridge, it supposed to be tough, don’t ask Funcom for help. I have never had issues taking down drawbridges.

lol gold
love it

Easier said than done.

200k for a drawbridge is to much tho.

Tanky yea sure. But that tanky? No.

If u have placed a drawbridge the right way in an opening, it will be almost impossible to break it.

U wanna bet u will have problems to deal with drawbridges placed the right way?

Going by your logic, yes it is a wooden bridge. It should burn down with some fire arrows.

Also the normal gates, which are steel btw, should then have 400K HP.


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