Explosive requirements doors, foundations, and vault

using information i’ve found online, while trying to build base defense, i’m worrying about the amount it takes to break thru the various materials. while doing this, i found the HP comparisons don’t make much sense.

T3 door - 3 jars
T3 foundation - 7 jars
Vault - 40 jars

I can put 2x doors on a tile which forces the use of 6 jars to go thru 50k HP.
Yet a single foundation on the same tile only takes 7 jars to go thru 100k HP.

Similarly, to go thru a vault, which is 3x tiles and LOTS of mats, takes 40 jars but only 150k HP
by comparison, 3x T3 foundations would take 21 jars and 300k HP
and 4x doors on 3 consecutive tiles would require 12 jars to get thru 100k HP

i feel it should take more to bust into a base

we should have some ability to create traps that would kill attackers
(flame traps, bombs that wouldn’t destroy our own base, flooding, etc)
also, thralls are too easily dispatched w/ gas arrows

Building a perimeter around your base with fences at the top can help increase defense, placing thralls to guard within/outside increases defense further. Putting gas masks on thralls protects them from poison gas.

Also actively defending is a pretty good defense being that you can repair structures for less than it costs to rebuild portions completely. If you are actively defending you can set off enemy bombs and repair the damaged structures, you may even be able to kill a player(s) with their own bombs.

If you are offline players have 6 hours to work their way in, also if you don’t have thralls guarding they can raid you that much easier.

Gates stand taller though have more HP than doors.

Making the effort to get into your base outweigh the reward is golden. Players spending hours raiding your base and using loads of bombs while coming away with little to nothing can be quite the achievement.

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