When will Funcom fix this... Next to 100 other things

So… maybe I dont get it?

You need 0/0 cause you…just dont need it? Cause its not that damage to need it?

Or I’m I missing something just related to drawbridges?

I don’t get what is the point of this topic :open_mouth:

Because only PvP players will understand.

But let me explain:

There is only 1 small entrance to the building.

A drawbridge has 200k HP.

1 explosive jar does ~7k damage.

You need about 30 explosive jars to instantly blow the drawbridge, otherwise it will just get repaired to full HP by the clan inside.

See the problem now?

Thanks for explaining that. Since I don’t play PVP, I don’t keep these numbers in my head. It’s weird to see that a gate is 32.5k, while a drawbridge is 200k.

You know what? The more I read about that, the more I wonder if they should make repairing use an animation and have a duration proportional to the health you need to repair.


PVP doesnt really have anything to do with it… lack of text info…

I use that as my home as well… all I saw was a repair screen cap with no explanation. XD
Thou depending on land claim radius, the npcs on other side get frustrating.

Actually more suprised they got drawbridge place there, Cause path way has some anti-placing issues. (which ruined my home when they changed the area…) Made it a pain to place stairs and foundations on pathway.

On the flip side, I know a few players who use this and other tactics to some effect. They often try and use it for offline raid protection. Is the problem the terrain/ruin niche, or is it the repair meta?

Because it would make a lot of sense to take one of those Battle Standards to war, and plunk it down outside the enemy’s fort. Inside the bubble, building is disabled like Purge time.

it seems like lotsa numbers missed a re-balance. i leveled a cpl greater rhinos today to see they are as bad as those big yetis >8[

still don’t understand what’s your problem here,
the clan that repairs structure while u try to get in? what are they suppose to do? open the door ‘oh hey come right in take our stuff’’

The thing is, even if you are not allowed to spam replace building pieces (most private servers have this rule) you can still easily defend this base with 1 person, because you only need to repair the drawbridge and the foundations above.

The enemy can bring 500 explosive jars or 3000. It does not matter, because they can’t blow the bridge at once (30 explosives), because the area is too tight to fit that many bombs (and it would also take too much time, since the defender can hear that they try to stack up bombs and blow these up by placing a bomb inside by himself (blast radius will destroy the other bombs as well) before they can even reach a critical mass of bombs).

This is correct.

Damn, that’s a good spot for a drawbridge… just no way around that fact. But if they’re offline raided, they’re screwed, since I doubt there’s much room inside for other defenses. Shame, that this pretty much encourages offline raiding.

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There is plenty of room inside for a honeycomb protection that works. And you can build several small rooms on top of it. Also you can build another honeycomb in front of the building which includes several additional drawbridges and small towers which archers inside. If you do this right you need at least 400 to 500 dragonpowder and severall hours to raid which makes it to expensiv for most people to gain a profit out of this raid.

@ SirDaveWolf
in my opinion the whole pvp concept in conan is wrong. It starts which the idea of 24/7 pvp (which was the original idea) and no offline protection. The whole undermeshing stuff we have to deal with today is in Funcoms responsibility. Because they laid the ground for it. If there is no protection while beeing offline in the game, after some bad experiences, you start to get creativ and you start not to care, because other people did not to raid you while you were offline. Its like a spiral staircase. The more often people get screwed over the more angry they become which is very dangerous for the game, because they start to not care to play fair anymore and take own messurements to protect themselfs. This includes building in and high on top of statues, behind the green wall, in rocks and under the map. People always looking for the “one” spot on the map others havent found yet to build a hidden base. A hidden base that protects them enough to survive on that server. And they try to build as strong as they can. And if one material has a lot of hp they go with it. Thats our human nature.

Funcom just can´t provide people with easy dragonpowder and say, hey do whatever you like, whenever you like it without providing any counter messurements for people. Thats just not gonna work. They get bitten in the a… now for their failure to think their concept trough in the first place.

At this point, it doesn´t really matter anymore what they do. The cart is stuck in the mud. And I prefer them not trying to make it worse any further by trying to halffix stuff. Because we know the outcome of it, every time they do so.


The damage is still off…


Too much armor penetration. Should be reduced to 25% at least.


So nerfs??? How about some bug fixes before more nerfs to weapons half of them are useless now.


52% armor pen is too much. If you compare it with most other axes which have 0% (12% with the kit) !!!

Also armor penetration in this game is strong.


Why cant some legendary weapons be just that - legendary?

Nerf everything to star metal or obsidian quality, all you have are named weapons that dont stand out, nor make it worth your time to grind out.


Do you have a friend? Go into singleplayer, set the difficulty to Decadent.

Invite your friend. You both go 40 Vitality and 50 Strength with epic flawless heavy armor. Hit your friend with this axe (apply a master weapon kit before).

Then take Axe of the Lion (also a legendary). Repeat the process.

Post your experience here.

@Nemisis is right. Legendaries should indeed be lenegdaries. They should worth the grind.
An other player 1 or 2 hit kills you? Good. That’s what legendaries should do.

An other example that came into my mind: Borderlands. There are legendaries and uniques (high grade uniquely named weapons), and the uniques are on par with some purple (high grade) weapons but have some specialities. Legendaries also have some special abilities, but way stronger than the others.


Legendaries are not meant to oneshot people. And what grind do you mean? Most of them can be optained pretty easy. Last I played with my hubby we had 8 chests full of this stuff. There wasn´t a weapon we didn´t had at least 3 times. I had stuff hanging on almost every wall in our base. Once you have a good thrall and you have your base running there is pretty much nothing else that you do, than running dungeons and raid other people. At least not on pvp.

My huby was level 10 when he encountered a base at the noob river, where people had some thralls with legendary armor and weapons guarding outside their base. Well guess what he did? He pulled one out, got him stuck in a big rock, then pulled nearby npcs to the rock and watched the slaughter. He did it 2 times and we both had a full equip at level 20.

There are several ways you can obtain legi armors and weapons if you are clever. You just have to play this game long enough to get creativ.