Challenges don't count mass gather

Just did the mushroom gather challenge. Collect 5. First spell game counted 2 of 36. Next 1 of 28. And the last 3 of 42.

Mass gather is my most used and oft times most disappointing spell. I’d file a bug report but is there actually an issue? Is it a bug?

No It’s a gather not a cull. Spell is missnamed. If the spell doesn’t drop sick, weak, or wounded animals in there spot, it’s not a culling. Since the spell will ONLY gather mats, it’s not culling.

Sometimes it is used as a legal term, and you would be right. Sometimes it is the translation, I guess there is no auto fix for that.

When I casted cull, the challenges updated automatically. I get the gist of your “misnamed” suggestion.

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