Change buff tattoo ingredient to alchemical base

Hey, i just thought it would be more practical for tattoos that provide stat bonuses to require alchemical base as opposed to dragon powder. As far as i have checked (although i havent THOROUGHLY checked each potion recipe) stat bonus potions recquire alchemical base to make, so tattoos might be ok for that too? Especially since the buff only lasts an hour (i think). It doesnt last long enough to stay on throughout an entire raid, and is too expensive to practically create stacks of it particularly if you are pvp and actively creating explosives.


Yeah this or make it last until death again like when it was glitched. An hour per dragon powder is almost as ridiculous as making strength potions and grey lotus potions when you can just get drunk for the same buff. (Or drinking alcohol to get drunk when you can just eat 5 crimson lotus powder for the same effect). I can continue down this rabbit hole of things that don’t make sense lol. Like, why is there an elixir of grit that takes more materials (including golden lotus powder), when you can just make a golden lotus potion without ever grinding the flower, and still get a grit buff (along with a healing effect and bonus charisma, whatever that even does).


It would be more practical if players had access to different “tiers” of buffs, depending on their willingness to invest their time to get them.
Something like
Low tier - drink some alcohol and get +3 attribute points for 15 minutes.
Mid tier - spend some alchemy base on potion and get +5 attribute points for 30 minutes.
High tier - spend some dragon powder on tattoo and get +5 attribute points until you die.


While there is an argument to be made for warpaint not lasting indefinitely, a one hour duration is pretty pathetic. One real day, while still requiring a steady supply of dragon powder to maintain, would make a continuous warpaint practical for those players who would derive the most benefit from it. That said, the “until death” suggestion does have the added advantage of further encouraging players to not die, rather than sticking around to cause just a bit more destruction, a problem that seems endemic to far too many games in today’s world. Anything that makes life more valuable, while not necessarily in keeping with the viewpoint of the classic berserker, will encourage greater realism in tactical approach.

Regardless, in response to Tin Egg, while four may or may not be unreasonable, five attribute points is a bad idea, as it allows a warpaint to be used in conjunction with an elixir to gain a full perk tier with zero investment of points, something that seems potentially unbalancing. Requiring at least a few points, four as it stands, makes such measures, while certainly potent, an active decision in a build, hence requiring more planning, rather than just a series of hats to be worn by a jack of all trades to reach power on par with a true specialist, with no readily perceptible downside beyond farmable resources.


Just make them last until death or the server reset every morning, whichever comes first.

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