Change player hairstyle and facial hair

dont know if anyone suggested it yet since i dont see any trace of such suggestion…
it would be nice to be able to change my cherecter hair and beard post cherecter creation…
would not go far with body shape but adlist hair and beard make sense that our cherecter could trim up when they feel like it…spacialy if you stuck in the desert…shaved head and clean face or shorter beard would be practical and in far north going all face fur would be nice and warm.

(i know there is a mod already that use a mirror thing to change the look but i would rader have something implimented in game that not require me to use commands and admin powers)
(maybe literly add a recipt of mirror made from glass in artisam table that u could carry around in your pokcket to change apperence of your hair and facial hair whenver you feel like it…)


This has actually been raised a number of times. A barber in Supermeru would be welcomed.


Since there is no limits to the character creation in terms of bonuses for certain stats, different skin colors on different races… They could just as well allow for everything.

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I really would love to be able to switch up my hair style and other aspects of physical appearance! I soooo hope they add this option.

yep…i wish so too…a very flamboient stygian ex barber who got exiled and decided to open up his tiny barber shop and makup making workshop

(he got exiled for killing his lover and his snake pet out of romantic rage cus his lover had an affair with a high priest back home in the stygian capital)

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