Change Zath T3 shrine beacon color

So, I checked out the new Zath religion and its T3 shrine, and I was surprised to find that it had the same beacon color as Mitra: light blue.

Is there any way we can change that to be unique? Something like orange would fit nicely into the spectrum.


Speaking of Zath shrines, I noticed on the T2 shrine that priests levitate. That needs so rework. Haven’t checked that in the T1 or T3 yet.

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Zath beacon is unique. Activate Protection of Zath and you’ll see.

The beacon color is the same as Mitra’s and would be nice if it were unique.

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Seems like they levitating in tier 3 altar as well.
About the beam color I agree as well, it should be diffrent color then mitra.

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And also at least one Dancer of Zath looks like Mitra priest -see garb (i play on official PVE online, no mods)


omg really? O.O
I want this priest hehehe looks very uniqe

Zath Protection has a blue beam, gold inner bubble and a red outer bubble. Spider-man colours, Iron Spider specifically. Every other avatar gives protection the same colour as their beam.

Yes, I understand that. I’ve tested it. I’m talking about the beacon color and asking for it to be changed so it isn’t the same as Mitra’s.

There are lots of us who play PVE(-C) and only ever see the beacons, without the protection bubble, because there’s no in-game motivation for using either avatars or protection bubbles in PVE(-C) modes.

Aesthetically, it’s a letdown to have Mitra and Zath share the same beacon color. Changing it is not the most important request in the game, but I wanted to make it anyway, because it should be really easy to tweak it.


Sunrise orange or a toxic green perhaps


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