Changing PvE conflict servers to PvP

Add my name to the boycott petition to go back to conflict servers…that’s why so many of us chose it in the first place. Funcom just spit in all our faces to cater to the pvp players( the lowest common denominator). I want my last 34 hrs back. Raiding bases when players are offline tending to their IRL concerns is no PVP, there’s only P.


Well I know 4 players who quit instantly after this decision. Pretty sure none are coming back after this. We were looking for playing a long evening together and result is everyone else went to do something more fun and I’m here to criticize stuff as it’s my way of enjoying the situation.


Potential customers should know that their Server is at risk of being redefined/changed to a different style.

Agree. This is exactly the opposite of the reason why many players previously preferred Official servers. With Officials, there was supposed to be a feeling of permanence. When you build, your buildings might even last for years, since there are supposed to be no further wipes. They really did a taboo by changing this server.

From how it sounds, Funcom isn’t getting any additional advantages to renting servers. They’re hesitant to buy more, because they are beholden to keeping them for years to come.

They did a terrible thing by luring players into PvE-Conflict, only to dissolve that ruleset. I hope that we’ll still see a ruleset that is somewhere between PvE and PvP. There’s a huge chunk of the player-base that wants some kind of middle ground.


This is crazy. I made an account just for this.

The ENTIRE reason that this game is MUCH better than Ark or any other competitors, is the fact that it had PVE Conflict servers. Nobody wants to spend 40 hours making a base just so that they can wake up with a gaping ■■■■■■■■ the next morning because it was inevitably destroyed overnight. Nothing about that is fun. I’ve had a day of enjoyment from release and already the entire game has been spoiled for me and a bunch of others. This was easily one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever seen a dev make and the game JUST came out.

Please change the pve conflict servers back and just add more new servers for pvp.


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Hey all,

Thanks for letting us know how you feel about the change. I’ll be the first to admit this isn’t an ideal situation, and I understand if you’re frustrated about it.

As the pitchforks impale me, I would like to first at least present our reasoning behind the change:

  1. From a numbers perspective, our timeline data showed PvE Conflict servers were generally under capacity at many times, which tells us the servers weren’t as popular.
  2. There was overwhelming demand for new servers, particularly PvP servers, which data showed were packed at nearly all times. A look at social media or the forums corroborates this!

In order to meet the demands of the rapidly-growing community, we wanted to fast-track as many new PvP servers online as possible. This included converting PvE Conflict into PvP servers.

Now, clearly, there’s some unrest about this decision. We certainly can’t blame you and we’re sorry for disrupting your gaming experience. Now, I’ll be honest: while we can’t give any immediate promises about what the future of PvE Conflict as a game mode will be in the future, I will say the team is acutely aware of the feedback you’re sending our way.

So please, keep letting us know what you think. Thanks all.


I have played 200+ hours on conan exiles official PVP servers only to get offline raided over and over again. I was done with this game and I only came back to play because of the PVE-conflict servers as I like to PVP but don’t like loosing my base over and over again while I am not online to people who live on the game and play all day long.
Unfortunately I will have to call it quits again now as I don’t feel like wasting my time again. So disappointed as I was enjoing the game so far :frowning: full PVP with raiding is just a waste of time and normal PVE is just too boring. PVE-conflict seemed just right… PVP fun without loosing your base. Such a shame!


I’m not an unemploymed stay at home all day play your game 24/7 no life gamer with some form of gaming addiction… IM A CASUAL GAMER just like many other gamers on here.

Pure PVP is pure hell to play (addicts only), pure PVE is boring as hell (RP snoze fest) ,BUT PVE-Conflict was the perfect mix, safe building with dangerous PVP exploration.



Thank you for your response. I appreciate your hard work! One thing I’d like to point out is the type of person that the PvE-Conflict server caters to. Those who work during prime time or generally have much on their plate and thus don’t have the time to play consistently seem to have gravitated to this server. I, and those similar to myself, still enjoy PvP but don’t want to see what little time we spend of the game wasted consistently! Which is why this mode is amazing! I hope sales have been sufficent enough to cater to this part of the playerbase. Thank you!




This is impressively boneheaded, even for Funcom.



First, game search tagged them as PvP servers so you actually had to know what to look for, unlike full PvP or PvE.

Next, waiting for half an hour or more hitting refresh on favorite only list to join on the server I started building base doesn’t really feel like low population. Sure, it might be low when people are actually at work, school or whatever. You know, this concept was actually good for people that do other things than sit home playing games for most of the day.

But as you wish, best idea ever is to screw up the people that most likely has most income to spend, I’m sure.


This is BS

Pls change back before its to late! Just restart with old settings of servers!!!

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Also I would like to point out.
PVE-conflict is preferred by a lot of people because they have jobs. Well guess what. Those people with jobs have the income to buy dlc or whatever you add to the game. I honestly think PVE-conflict with be the supreme server type in the end.


lol funcom, server south america PVE- Conflict was always crowded, and come to say that there were not enough people? I’m leaving the game, I play since the EA.

Thanks for take my time and money.

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obviously PvP servers would be more popular, but there’s no reason to completely get rid of a game mode because of it. PvEC was such a good option that made the game more special and appealing to a lot of the casual gamers. If you really needed more PvP servers, you should’ve just decreased the PvEC servers. Converting them all completely was a big BIG mistake.


Wait what, normallt u provide good answers but u say less than 24gäh after launch u have enough data to scrap an entire server type? That like all other servers i spent hours just trying to get on? U lacked servers and punished ppl that have jobs.

This answer not even close to be ok


I’ll be back when Conflict returns…bby!


Conflict servers were an answer to the problem of people not realizing PVP does not mean raiding bases while people are NOT online…PVP requires at least 2 sides or “players”. It’s more like PVB (player vs base). I almost believed FunCom realized this and found a compromise. Now your response to our outrage about changing these servers to cater to the lowest common denominator is shameful. YOU clearly do not grasp how disrespectful and disreputable this decision is.