Changing setting in-game single co-op PS4

Hi all I see alot of people are having the same issue with settings not saving since update rolled out.

To change the setting and save the adjusted settings.

You do your normal adjusting but before you exit the menu you need to change the filter for nudity.

Step 1. Adjust settings while admin do not exit the setting page yet

Step 2. R2 to gameplay change the nudity filter from whichever setting you have and set it back.

Step 3. Exit and settings will be saved

This workaround works and I owe this to another member can’t remember name or topic it was on

Enjoy hope this was helpful

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Wow that’s… very weird xD But I’ll give a try on PC, thanks for the hint :smiley_cat:

This workaround was for PS4.

I don’t know about PC and Xbox.
It is a pain to have to do it but at least it works

Bugs will always happen and hopefully this will only be a temporary bug if not at least I can work around it.

Yup, but was worth testing :stuck_out_tongue: because it worked for PC version too both on SP/coop and on private !

So thanks, and let spread the word !

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