Chaos tanking QoL suggestions

I’ve been testing chaos tanking on TestLive and I’d like to suggest some Quality of Life changes.

 Aegis of Parallelism (AoP) damage immunity visual buffs

Some effects (like the Incongruity passive) make you immune to AoP damage for a limited duration (2s). However, unless I’ve missed it (which is entirely possible), I’ve not seen any buff (even with invisible buffs tracked through EffectsUI mod) that would allow the player to know precisely when they’re immune to AoP damage.
Being able to see such a buff would be convenient, since it’d allow tanks to avoid casting AoP damage-clearing spells (like Twist Fate or Immutable) at a time when they’re effectively immune to AoP damage. In that way, tanks would be able to delay their cast a bit, and to clear a potentially bigger portion of AoP-stored damage.
Of course, it’s still possible to “manually” monitor AoP damage immunity by tracking what triggers the immunity (when Immutable ends, for instance, for Incongruity passive), but still it’d be nice for tanks to have a visual buff for that.

 Extradimensional Defenders (ED) "Intercept damage" buff duration

When invoking Extradimensional Defenders, the tank gets an invisible buff called “Intercept Damage”. This buff lasts for 12s (or until EDs get killed). However, EDs only last for 7s (or 10s with Displacement passive).
I think it’d be a good idea to make this “Intercept Damage” buff duration equal to the EDs maximal duration, so that it’s easier to effectively track when EDs expire.
For instance, you could think “oh great, I can still tank that hit from the boss because I still have my ED” because you see Intercept Damage still having 5s duration… But then the ED disappears, and so does the buff.
Having both effects have different durations is a bit misleading/counterintuitive in my opinion.