Char deleted, please help me

Hello, i have a premium account payed for two month.

i have the problem, that my char Martyris is deleted, since 14 days right now. I payed for my account because i want “back to the roots” and play with my favorite char Martyris.

I wrote to AndyB, i wrote to Tamtor, i wrote in this forum to support, i open 2 Threads, i wrote in the Thread “Deleted Char” (the char was brought back here and the creator was happy) for more than 5 times… again and again…

i wrote ingame a ticket and look every day. since 14 days i dont become an answer, PLEASE undelete my Char MARTYRIS from my account Horiyuken - it was an 80 tempest oft set. give me my char back, please!

PLEASE help me, funcom! i pay already for this game, i have the account since the year 2008 and want to play active again with martyris.

thanks in advanced.

Sent you a reply to your DM.