Character creation screen after server restart, all the efforts gone!

I was online when the “Official #1015 PVE” server went down (Sept 03, 2023). when it came back up and I logged in, it just sent me to the character creation screen. It’s been more than 10 days but still I cannot login with my level 30+ character. I built a lot of things and played a lot to get there but now all gone. The exact same thing happened with my friends which are in the same clan with me. This is totally Unacceptable!!! Why are we playing this game; to suddenly lose everything we built? What will happen to every second we wasted here? We literally WASTED our time in the end.
If your servers and maintenance are unreliable why the hell are we here?
Where are the admins to take care of our situation, what takes more than 10 days and still got no answer no solution and nothing!
I need an immediate help for my victimhood. Please guide me for the solution. Thanks.

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Previous Ticket:
Sept 4, 2023 - “Funcom [146890] Official Server Issue”
Zendesk [6RL76N-NDGGD]

Friday September 1st all official servers were affected by a mistake that set thrall decay to 24 hours instead of 240 hours which resulted in many players losing all of their thralls/pets/mounts and all the equipment they were holding.
Sunday September 3rd funcom made the decision to rollback all official servers to early morning Friday the 1st. Anything you did between those times has been undone. There are many threads on these forums (some that are still going) about the issue. If you look in announcements under thrall decay it should help describe what happened.

I think the biggest question would be when did you start that character?

If it was in the unfortunate timing of the days affected by the rollback, nothing will get that character back because, as far as the server knows, that character never existed as it was turned back in time to a point prior to creation.

If it was before the period of time affected by the rollback (I believe prior to September 1st), hopefully someone can help!

This seems like it could explain the disappearance of the character.

dei88x, when did you create your character on server 1015?

How can I know that ? :\
I’m not writing down the exact date and time whenever I play games.