Character cut off

Current game update did something to my character in the menu screen
I’m not sure what it is, but a fix would be neat.

I have the same issue

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Same here

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It’s on PS4 as well, might be across all platforms.


Not meant to be mean but… :slight_smile:
maybe we should collect for the developers so they can afford a XBox & a playstation.
It looks as if it is not possible to make at least the elementary basic tests like

does the game start up ?
are the menus as expected ?
are the sounds there ?
are the sreens/inventory in game complete & there ?

This tests could be done in less then 10 minutes…sigh…

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I didn’t have this problem, but it seemed that any of my clan mates on a Xbox 1S had it, they also had some severe crashing problems.

I have a Xbox 1X, so I only got the issue where my “Soothing” tag on the left of the screen was mashed up into my food/water indicators, which seemed far less annoying.

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Do you see the purge bar in char screen ? I have also XBox X and I do not have the purge bar (german localization) any more

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I have the same issue, also the new run start animation and the new farming swing animation ruined the whole feel for me it’s so slow and not fun I finally just uninstalled after over a year of playing and it all changes its garbo.

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Same issue, i have an xbox 1 s. Been playing with a friend. He has a 1x and doesnt crash. And update on what is happening would be nice. I can’t even play. These things should have been caught before the patch launched. I am not trying to be mean but come on. Every game released now usually have bugs. Remember before the internet devs had to make sure the game was complete. I bought this game when it was 15 dollars and crashing has always been an issue.

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I play on Xbox One in single player (which might make matters different without server load), and I hardly get any crashes. Sorry to hear that.

Hello @Trappist01x, we’re already aware of this issue and it’s being looked into.

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