Character's body not showing up

Game mode: online
Problem: bug
Region: US PS4 Pro PvE conflict

So after your new patch allowed enemies to open my door to my home, I got murdered trying to escape, and my body usnt showing up, ive reloggrd multiple times.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

This may be the same body turns invisible issue.

Your body may be there you just can’t see it. So if your trying to get your stuff back you may have to just randomly click were it should be and you may get lucky

Nah it wasnt there, i kept clicking, what fixed it was running away a bit then coming back so it loaded

I will say when it’s invisible it’s hard to know, I I’ve had to click around for almost an hour before I found it once, because reloading or leaving and coming back wasn’t doing the trick, and because your body breaks apart some times it can be incredibly hard to find the right invisible part… because it’s invisible, very annoying they just need to fix it and make it a top priority