Cheater can Fly with Teleport hack to the base (officel SERVER 1083)

Game mode: [Online | SERVER 1083
Problem: Hacker / Cheater
Region: EU

(a group of hacker Teleport to the walls in the base ) the guys Fly little bit it looks like gohsting on singelplayermode,But it is multiplayer!!!

me and may clan shocked! WE are now deinstall the game!! hope you can fix this Gohst hack in Future

#Machete is 1 guy from SERVER 1083 he cheats dont comment!
#we only send the video the developers!
#new users cant upload sorry guys we try it later!
#Guys i have 911hours in the game !!! dont say noob or something.
#serious insults Are displayed at the police!!! no joke!

Before you go… do you record some videos?

these guys are just noobs! Of course they do not have any video or any other evidence! They do not know how to build or fight, what knowledge about the game is missing completely, except for the basics … I’m sure that those who cut them from the server 1120 are also cheaters …

dude next time record it, don’t just post ppls steam Profile like that without any proof. That is not a smart move.

  1. Namecalling or Prangering is a reason you get in trouble. even if they would use cheats
  2. they are cheaters as soon as the gamemasters/developers says so. you can say they might be cheaters but you do not know for shure.
  3. the probleme here is that one of the player confirmet he would use cheats so thats why they get called cheaters.
  4. it is very frustrating for new player get blown up by max. lvl player. espseialy if they not just killed them one or two times. they blow up ouer whole base even every single basement. that is way ahead of normal PvP. losing a bse is frustrating yes. but it even sucks more if one of the player says he was using cheats. In most games i played this is called “Bashing” giving players no chance to build up and strike back so you can dominate the server and thats a ban reason too.

That’s what really needs to be baned, at least on PvP servers, it’s like players like you! After the release more than 2 weeks have passed, your playing time on this server is 69+ hours and you are still 44 levels … leveling takes 5-6 hours, if you do not want to quickly raise the level or do not know how, this is personally your problem!
And the other players should not sit and wait until you are level 60 and build something there …
And yes in the game apparently need to disable the chat, because everyone thinks it necessary to go to the PvP server and start crying in the chat about that it is being killed or robbed … For such there is a PvE server!
And yes about your base … 60+ hours in the game and the base from T1 to the hand of the maker, seriously?Therefore, everyone who killed you or destroyed your base immediately become low level killers or cheaters…

first of all: i was aware if i go to a PvP server i get killed or robbed. no problem about that. my problem is that player who maybe played the Game bevor and know how to level fast dont get other ppl get the cahnce to build up.
that is maybe why i have nearly 70h and still got a low base. because i know nothing about the game. and there are 30h only reading the wiki about thos game works and watching youtube videos.
if you want me to be a good looser than be a good winner. fight me when im not 30 lvl below you.
Raid my base and steal all? np i can farma gain. but destroying every single stone is something diferent.
i go to a PvP server bc ppl like you build bases arround ressources or even other bases and i cant blow them up.

if you dont want to get flamed in the chat dont go to a PvP server.
Killing with max. lvl player who are low then you to expect to get a flame in the chat. The flame after a kill belongs to a PvP server as like the kill himself.
if you cant stand a bit whine after you kill a low lvl with explosives in his nutshell you are maybe the one who is wrong on the PvP

What are you talking about? You had 2 weeks for Karl, 2 weeks … you could not … your problems!

so after all whine in the chat just you and not we! And apparently just the same you do not know what PvP is, you can study the game on PvE or PvE-C server, or in a single game! And then you will have no reason to whine in the chat …

and finish crying how poor you are and you kill high level, raise the level and show how cool you are …
In the meantime, all that you and those guys can, it’s throwing false accusations …

even if i think you are still wrong about the PvP/PvE state its about the unfair advantage.
where whe get back to the Topic:
One player of your Clan (you know who we are talking but im not the one who is namecalling) sad in chat after the “false accusations” litteraly “yes, im using cheats” “im killing you with cheats” so those are not just false accusation it has a true base.

ok, if I tell you now that the ground is flat you too will believe?
You die with one or two strikes and immediately start shouting about the cheaters … And the only chance to silence you is to agree with you!

That’s why I’m saying only that you can throw false accusations! Either speak and provide evidence or be silent!

first of all i dont called him cheater. it was the one who made this thread.
and the profe was his confession.
if you dont want to get flamed or even reportet for using cheats then dont say you are using them.

you can all scream and report as much as you like, no cheats - no ban anyway!

we are new on this Forum we cant upload it -.-***

you could post a link to the Video mate

Machete your bann is incoming and your frends to next step is reddit and we cant upload it #NEW user on this Forum cant upload this.#serious insults Are displayed at the police.!

my team made Record your stupid gohst hack machete !!! you destroy the game!!! i hate guy with hacks! i have 911hours !!!

yes but we cant upload we are new in this Forum. #Rules

yes but we cant upload links and videos we are new in this Froum #Rules -.-**

Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts. Sorry, new users can not upload images. test it self noob!!! you are disgraced with your hacks. Noob why you play why you buy. you have fear for the bann :wink:

steamuserimages-a.akamaihd. net /ugc/922555009819392593/753B1B169A75CFD0B7670AF1ADD415C45F5CAA45/

.net we have screens and more dude