Cheaters deleted all of our buildings an 1312. Now it's possible?

Cheaters deleted all of our buildings on the server 1312. for 2-3 seconds (judging by the log) we had about 19k buildings (for a clan of 10 people). They tried to raid us for a few days, but could not. Built fences around our base, and used speedhack. And after two days, they just deleted all the buildings. I certainly write a report, but how he will help if the game is even possible so.

Another option would be that the cheaters reported you and the Admin devs wiped your base because of violations.


They appeared on the server just recently (3 days ago). Do you think it’s realistic to attract admins in such a short time? Although of course I’m not surprised.

Sounds like you got hit by the “Report Meta”.

When did this happen? Can you still login?
If it happened today and you got reported, when the server restarts you gonna get a message and it won’t let you login for 14+ days.

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Yes 100%

^ This. Also, 3’rd time and it’s permanent. I’m so scared since I’m on 2’nd time now.

2nd is normally permanent unless they have changed it.

Oh noes :frowning:

It happened a few hours ago, I was in the game, but not on base. When I came back there were just no buildings. And our hackers were trying to get in where our base used to be. Now i still can play.
I managed to occupy part of where our base used to be with a sand building, but they put a lot of foundations around it, and now it’s impossible to play there.

Check and see you have been banned or not. Also I am not sure as I have never been banned if they send you some kind of notification of a ban being issued .

Check your event log to see if it shows a player did something to your base, if not, it was most likely deleted by a mod, I wouldn’t spend time building or doing anything on that account because, sadly, next thing you know your account is suspended.

Does not take a Admin to wipe your base. The game has its own program to wipe bases that are in violation. It does it automatically. Dont forget about that.

There is no player in the event log, just all the buildings lost their stability.
What is a “report meta”? A speedhacker ran alongside the haters.
For a while he wrote that he supposedly helps us. But apparently he wrote this on purpose to set us up. But I don’t know him, and he’s never been in our clan. Could they report us and make a video of him?

Hi @Morlang

Please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk.
You can find more information on how to submit a report here:

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