Huge undecayed base got crushed by one person in no time - cheating?

Hello guys,

I play on peaceful, almost empty PvP server. Several days ago there came clan of maybe 6 strangers, and waited for my base (really huge and tall one) to decay. Friend gave me and echo, so I went there and refreshed everything. They were pretty mad but left.

Then I was gone from the server for 4-5 days until now - 120 hours the most, and found that only one person from that clan destroyed 2/3 of my base, which is now really beyond any repair. Only the inner core of my base and surrounding walls are standing. It all had 50 hours to decay when I came today.

Event log says for example that 4 foundation were destroyed by “xxx”, but in the exactly same time, the same second. Is that possible? If player destroys a building piece, the others only “lose stability”, am I right?

Even the exact place where I was standing with my character to refresh the whole base, and went back to 168 is totally gone now, destroyed by that player.

All could make sense if that base was decayed, but it certainly was not, it could not be in such a short time. There should be something around 50 hours left lik in the core and surroundings. That friend also saw that everything in my base went back to normal 168 hours that day.

Do you have any ideas, if that could be cheating and how could be this done? I’m really sad now, that base took me maybe 6 months to build, now I am afraid that if you piss out some exploiters, you can lose everything just like that.

Thanks for your opinions and advices

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Hi, welcome to the forums.

Going only by what you described, it is possible that clan may have arrived via server transfer with all materials needed to destroy your base while you were gone.

The PvE servers might be an option to explore, if you anticipate going offline for several days and won’t have to worry about defending the base.


Need more info but it sounds like they simply obliterated you.

What was it made of? How large was it? Are avatars enabled on your server? Was it foundations or pillars?

It is relatively easy for a character to stone age someone if they plan out their attack. 4 foundations destroyed simultaneously isn’t an indication of cheating, as most methods of assault do that, if not more.

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