Cheating cheats and the cheats they use

Is there anything that the devs can do against undermeshers. There is currently two full clans going by the same name in my server that have built in a mountain. We have tried everything to fight against them from bombs to gods to trying to glitch in ourselves to no avail. These parasites have already chased several clans from not only the server but the game as well. I worry that my clan is headed for the same fate because all we can do is wait for them to attack. If funcom could just give someone admin powers for one hour the issue would be resolved. Ghost mode blow up their stuff land claim the mountains done

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Try to build them in.

Block all the obelisks.

Camp them and farm their equip.

or change server

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We have built in one of their spots but they just moved to the next mountain which we haven’t found yet. We won’t block obs because we don’t want to ruin the server for everyone because of these fools. As far as changing servers most of my clan is retired and current military retreat is not our strong suit


The community managers claim that they will have someone go in and delete it if there are reports. But they are pretty inconsistent with that notion, as 1 stroll through server 1931 indicates otherwise… Tell ya what. Just message an admin here and say TDK is in there. i guarantee it will be admin wiped in 12 hours.

Here is the answer from Th CM

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Delete my comment all you like … admin the game like you do your forums plz :+1:

Tink how can I get ahold of you. I don’t know how to use these forums I only made an account here as a last resort and the official response I just got is that they won’t do anything about the actual cheats just eventually they will patch the game and my clan will be wiped by then.

PS wow I can’t cuss here hilarious

Here’s a thought, rent your own server and then you can run it your way and if people cheat you can ban them. It’s not all that hard to do and not all that expensive considering you won’t have to put up with the hassle. I reccomend getting the pippi mod to help you run your server. lots of nice options.

Renting a server costs money, not everyone has enough income to maintain their own server. So where does that leave them? At the mercy of other players that’s where…


Yep. If you wanna play you gotta pay, one way or another. Either with money or grief. Pretty much sums it up cuz you can’t expect GMs to do their job.

Build a really nice tiny house and win the contest and you get a free paid server.

1-2 hours of creative whatever… not a bad deal or opportunity

But for how long?

Are they admins?

Question: can admins use the admin command panel in online matches?

If so then admins have the right to use admin commands.

I thought the showers destroys bases in the mountains.

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And after that six months is up if we’re one of these people that couldn’t afford to rent a server in the first place all the progress we made on it just goes poof.

Every multiplayer game on the planet has cheaters. Just about every sport has cheaters, wifves, girlfriends, boyfriends and spouses cheat… we cheat at our taxes, we cheat ourselves. … just know it, and move on.

Thats why Cloud based gaming will get huge… No more scriptkids and exploiters…

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The problem with renting your own server, is the that if you want to play the game, it creates a huge gray area about admin abuse, privilege etc. As an owner, i would withdraw from the political aspect completely, and couldn’t raid. My admins were there to build raid basis for clans to loot, but other than that, we didn’t get to participate. Any real admin for PVP would know efven if you play it straight, someone will acuse you of favoritism.

Apologies to my fellow console players, but PC players have a great and viable option. If you have even a mid-spec PC to spare, you can create your own CE Server on your own network, and share it with the world. This costs electricity and administration, but the tools provided by Funcom are actually quite robust, giving you the power of running a 40-slot+ for “free.”


next gen ill go for PC, i doubt that consoles will ever get solid 60 over fps in their games.

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