Chest decay counter bug/Global decay counter on Official Online PVE-C

Basic Info:
Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay/Server
Game Mode: Online official
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Server Name: #1214
Region: EU
Map: Exiled Lands
Mods: None

Bug Description:
Since the AoS update, I have constantly had to deal with the problem of decay of my chests located in the resource warehouse.

The fact is that the decay counter of chests (located on a bookshelves) is not updated automatically under any of the listed conditions:

  1. Presence clan player online in a buiding.
  2. Direct contact of the player model with the chest model (we climbed/got up on them)
  3. Interaction with chests, such as opening/closing, moving items inside the chest/between the player’s inventory and chest storage.

For a very long time I tried to find out the reasons for the decays of chests, I conducted experiments, such as:

  1. Building of the chest first on the foundation and then moving it to the shelf.
  2. Building a chest directly onto the bookshelf.
  3. Various combinations with moving/building chests. Use of attributes “Expertise” for building /without them.

The decay counter for chests on bookshelves is reset only when new structural elements are added to an existing building (i.e. only when using such elements as - foundation, walls, fences, stairs, etc…)
In other words, resetting the decay counter of chests is possible only by directly resetting the total building decay counter! That’s just terrible!

At the same time, chests and other storage/refrigerators installed directly on foundations have a common decay counters with these foundations.

I guess it’s because I’m using bookshelves to conveniently position my chests in the resource store, so the chest model doesn’t touch the wall/foundation models. But damn it, this never happened before the release of AoS! This bug makes it very difficult to control the decay counters and safety of my resources. I lost a lot of high level loot because of this weird bug!

I urge you to look into this issue!

Bug Reproduction:
To repeat the bug, you can repeat the following steps:

  1. Build a foundation, wall and bookshelf.
  2. Set up two chests - put one directly on the foundation, the second on the bookshelf.
  3. After a while, compare the decay counters of the foundation, and two chests.
  4. Add a new element to an existing building, for example, a second foundation/staircase /wall/fence and compare the decay counters again.


  1. Screenshot of the decay logs of my chests

  2. Foundation+Nemedian Bookshelf+Large Chests decay counters:

  3. The decay counter of storages on foundations is correct:

We lost so many resources without realizing what was going on:

I don’t want to spam screenshots of the rest of the walls in our storage warehouse, the fact is that there were no empty spaces on the bookshelves…

In addition, please note that on our server the total decay time has changed dramatically from 360 hours (15 days) to 168 hours (7 days)!
How could this happen?
Please pay attention to the post of NeoTheMatrix on this:

Hello, i had problems having chests on shelfs just after the latest patch they just decayed with no reason, then i put them all on the ground.

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Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate the attention to my post!
I know that is possible to solve the problem in this way, but this is not a solution of reasons for the this bug, which is why I made this bug report…
It is necessary to understand whether the developers are aware of this bug and the timing of realise the fix patch.
Or get an official answer that all players’ warehouses should turn into a chests dump…

sure, just reply for you know that you are not alone :slight_smile: Lucky i didnt lost much.

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