Large Chests suddenly decaying for no reason

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1504
Mods: None

Bug Descrption:

So I’ve looked through my event log and have seen that Large Chests specifically have been abandoning, decaying, and being destroyed on extremely short timers. Specifically the chests that are ON things other than foundations, such as shelves. It’s like the game is no longer extending the decay timer on things that have been placed on top of other things. Maybe it’s just shelves. I’m not sure.

Bug Reproduction:

Put a chest on a shelf.

Like, it’s great that you guys have put on a triple resource event for a while. But that doesn’t change that it’s going to cost me time I’d rather be spending doing something else to recover the lost items. Sure, I can get the 16000 star metal bars, about 4000 hardened steel, obsidian, etc. back easily enough. But what about the 80 legendaries that were inside two completely stuffed chests that went poof? This is extraordinarily frustrating.

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Welcome to the Forum. Chests on shelves has been a issue for years. @Brooke I intentionality left several on the wall on our private server the majority stayed with some disappeared randomly don’t understand. On official servers we put them on foundations with no carpets under them

Yeah, in our base they were fine. 100% no problems right up until Age of War update. Now they’re vanishing like they only have the base decay timer. We pulled everything off the walls for now. We don’t have time to replace stuff because of this nonsense.

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you are using Nemedian Foundations ?
because if so, they’ve had several problems with AoW.

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Negative. The structure in question was sandstone / insulated wood / stormglass. And the structure itself is fine. No problems. No shady disappearances. This is something that seems to exclusively affect items placed on shelves, and in our case ONLY since Age of War went live. The solution so far has been… to not use shelves. Effectively rendering the placeable useless.

I see.
I use some shelves in my base, a few, 3-4 top, and never had problems.
Don’t know what could have happened.

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