A large Chest declayed inside my base

Hi guys, I have a large base on #1025. Inside my base I have a wall with 30 large chest on it. I login everyday on this character and run along this wall.
Today, 2 large chests declayed from that wall. I dont understand why this is happening.
I did have the same problem on septah four chest declayed there. Anyone know about this “bug”, if it is a bug. And how to solve this. Do I need to use different chests?

Were your chests on a shelf? Asking because stuff on shelves sometimes decays on their own and it has been so like for very long time, personally think its best to stack chests onto foundations.

Yes, There on a shelve. I will use another chest en put them on foundations. Let see what happens :slight_smile:
Thanks for the fast reply

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I am using this method for a long time now and had never problems with decaying chests. Maybe this is an alternative option for you too. It looks like they are in shelves but its a bit tricky to build it and also you need space behind the wall or you can access them from both sides of the wall which is more a feature than a problem :grin:

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