Storage designs

Hello builder, I wanted to start a thread to share my storage variants. I would also be happy if you post yours. I’m always looking for new inspirations. In another thread I was asked how I solved this, so I’ll start with an explanation of how I did it :slight_smile: Basically, I always need a way to build halfway up.

I mostly use pillars in the middle to achieve this. But of course there are many other ways

It is important to place the door frames in front of the ceilings. I prefer to use the stable door frames. But it also works with all other door frames.

Then the chests are placed on the ceilings. I like to use the Turanian ceilings here, because you can align the chests best with them.

You can pull the chests out further by placing a ceiling in front of the wall. This can then be removed and the chest still has stability. But it also works without these ceilings.

Now it remains only to replace the door frames with walls. (The stable door frames should first be replaced with normal ones and then with walls.)

Fridges can even be placed through ceilings:

This can remain and you have access from two floors. If the ceilings is removed, it cannot be placed afterwards.

Another variant is to take the vaulted ceilings. If there are no door frames, you can place more than three on a ceiling.

Of course, refrigerators also work:

It could look like this:

You can remove the ceiling inside and the chests keep the stability so long the wall or vaulted ceiling is there.
This way you can get access from both sides.

Finally I made this:

I will post here some examples from my current bases here later

@gr8scots @CodeMage



My base i am currently building on siptah:

The other side without chests:


Here some older stuff I send in pm to @Cannipals

I delete this base before it was completed because it was to big and I had some zero stability issues that I could not fix.

But this was my storage where I had access from both side of the walls. The one was the ‘entrance hall’ and on the other side my benches where placed.

The base was over water and downstairs I had my fish traps with fast access to the fridges right and left.

Another one was this… The same tactic as in my how to but without walls in front.

Here another variation from a different base:


This is genius


Congatulations! Outstanding work and creativity! Thanks a million for your tutorial as well.
Thank you for sharing :blush:


Simply amazing. Love it so much.


Yeah this is so good. I got it setup in solo mode as a proof of concept. Have a giant wall of chests at half wall height repeating throughout with a ramp and stair system to each half level started from each side.

It’s a pretty epic idea @ConanBoDk completed!

My proof of concept doesn’t come near the f grandeur of @ConanBoDk’s examples. I just used ceiling tiles out from staggered foundations to get the half heights. Nothing like the cool inner placed chests of conanBoDk


Bookmarked. >:) Good work.