Chest dissapearing

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Platform: PC
Official server 112
Problem: Bug

if you place a chest outside on the ground, in a bush,behind rock, or overlapping with objets or on the ground too near from the green wall, the chest will simply dissapear with all its contents when server restart/relog

on some part of the map, you can place a chest on a ground without this bug.

What of the important point of the gameplay in previous version was the ability to hide chest outside.
At least the game should not allow to place a chest that will dissapear with all its contents, at best, we should be able to place chests everywhere like it was working in the past.

By the Way, Vault are not affected, they can dissapear only if you place them near the green wall at relogging/restart of the server, but everywhere else they don’t dissapear if you place them on the ground.

Another actual big bug is the sewer dungeon. no more boss, no need anymore to fire arrow to activate the water, the water is going up and down by itself.

Conan exiles is a kick ■■■ game, and one of the game with the most potential. I hope you will not release it with this kind of major bug… all my support to the developpement team for the hard work.