Disappeared Chest

I’ve lost corpses at least twice with my best gear and taken that in the chin as I know there isn’t a fix, except the walk out of scene graphics reset.

Today I lost a chest packed with goodies in my house. One assumes a Chest in your house is the safest place to store your precious crafted items and drops. It appears not. This chest was my Apothecary chest and was full of my best potions, buffs and raws. I logged in today ‘poof’ its gone. re-logged, still gone.

I’ve had no previous acknowledgements of any sort from Funcom that they will do anything when I have had major hits (like invisible corpses, bugged out log-ins, and bugged dungeons) so I don’t expect to get this chest back, but it is a concern if you can’t rely on chests full of precious items in your house staying around. Its a good job it wasn’t my prestige armour & weapon chest.

Hence, I ask here several things -

Is there any fix? (why am I even asking this?)

Is there any communication route to reach Funcom to get them to retrieve major in-game losses like this one? It seems madness if there isn’t.

And for me most important, how common is the dissappearing chest bug? If its very rare I can cope, if its common I have to question my sanity continuing to play.

Edit: Just discovered Decay :confused: Could be the issue? Not sure it can be as all the chests in this location share the same foundation and are connected.

Sorry Funcom, being a bit Woke here with the ranty edge :blush:

Prepare for a dose of madness. Funcom never does reimbursements.

Doesn’t sound likely to be decay, no. More information is needed. Is there anything in the server log?


I’ve seen people claim this happens to them all the time. For me, its never happened in 5,000 hours of playing.

When I use chests for storage, I usually use a group sitting on the floor (foundation) with one chest on top of another. I don’t stack them inside of each other. Just place one on a foundation and another on top of it. I don’t stack them three high. I don’t stack them on ceiling tiles. I don’t stack them on shelves.

The only time I’ve had chests disappear is when they lose stability because I pulled up (or had it damaged in PVP/Purge) the foundation they were sitting on, or a carpet that they were sitting on.

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I restarted the game to see if it cleared up, result = empty server log :confused:

Actually, sorry, didnt realise server log required a Submit. Nope. Nopthing in there re chest, just decayed lootbags.

Yeah, I hear carpets are dangerous for your possessions. Post-3.0 I’ve dismantled whole bases with my crafting stations still in it and got all materials back, no problem, but the one thing I simply dare not do is place carpets on my floors.


Carpets are still dangerous. Placing stuff on top of other stuff (unless it’s snapping) is risky business even with the new system. I’ve lost a few containers that way.

Ohh gee it happens again…

Shelves are a problem, but some other screenshots has chests on the ground too, which also dissapeared. Other placeables can also vanish into thin air…

Decay could be a issue, but most of the time its the stability being the issue when I checked the logs, they randomly can lose stability.

I am not sure where i came across this but i do remember someone mentioning the same problem (might have been the youtuber WAK). Apparently if you have upgraded the building piece that the chest is standing on then the chest can lose stability on server reset. Try replacing the chest after any upgrade.

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