Thanks again, great job, I love it when stuff dissapear

Really enjoy the latest capped large chest update or is it?

More down here


It’s a known bug. Move your chests directly onto the floor for now, stacked or on shelves they risk the lost stability bug


Yeah good tip but they shouldn’t been lost in the first place.

I’m really angry now… been here for a while but now I really lost my patience… one day its fine the next day you lose around 70 chests full of stuff.

This might be the right timing to quit… I’ve had over 2k hours in this game but it ending like this is making me feel terrible. There is not 1 excuse changing my feeling, especially not this time when this bug happened AGAIN.


I was lucky that logging in my bed roll was beside my stacked chests. Though mine says decayed not stability.
For sure lucky I saw the loot bag before I lost a lot of hard to come by resources on Siptah.
Still makes me Angry.

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Some more images because I was so pissed off I didn’t bother to check the other storages and decided to ragequit the other day, enjoy my misery:

A preview of my other storage rooms, ITS NOT ONLY THE SHELVES!!!
Literally almost all chest also the ones on the ground are GONE.
This really isn’t okay and I don’t care to file a bug report, this is unacceptable.

This isn’t some fake trolling… I lost 50 chests… most of them filled with items.

This is on 1036 official PvE-c server.


Ah, crap, that sucks so much. I’ve had occasional problems with certain placeables not being included in the decay timer of the base, but never anything like this :frowning:

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Hey, @prologue1337, just a question so the devs could have more info (if they see this): did you pick up any foundations or other building pieces (not placeables) near that spot?

Seems like @Lahaina is having similar problems that they mentioned in a bug report:

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This has happened to me now that I think about it. I upgraded my base from sandstone to nemedian and in that process some things (placeables) did go missing. Sorry to interject here.

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I have seen the decaying chests myself at buildings I haven’t made any changes to in months. There seems to be a general issue with chests and stability and decay, and it is as if chests are not handled by the code the same as a torch or other peaceable.

Three things are coincident with the boxes decaying or losing stability:

  1. Server restart
  2. Picking up a building piece or damage to a building piece ( unrelated to the supporting wall or foundation ).
  3. Randomness or an event not logged.

I have posted several event logs on the issue showing all three in my thread.

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Atleast it is logged and listed and hopefully this can be replaced somehow ?

that would be a first


Nope I haven’t I was just checking my base after a long week of work. Then I saw half my chests missing.
I didn’t edit my base and the rooms have been stable for months until this update broke it.

This is also not the case with me but I’ve seen this happen too. It is not as bad since you’re online and able to pick the stuff back up in front of you.

Just a side note to this conversation:
I didn’t do any edits on my base the first image is like this for a about a month the other storage rooms were stable for almost half a year.

All chests were placed after the buildings are made, there is not a single piece flipped for another tier or material.


Ground or foundation is the rule of thumb I’ve used with chests, especially important ones. Bugs happen, glitches happen, updates happen, server splurts happen, mod shenanigans happen.


Now i am damn afraid to enter my treasury because if this - i got decay bug on nemedian…

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Ouch that sucks, feel for you, to lose everything in such a way is really poor.

But I gotta say all of this has got me a bit paranoid.

Started unstacking and reorganising everything last night :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Too bad the chest on the floors vanished as well…


How many days had you been away? Was it more than four? No judgment, I need it for my tests.

Not for nothing, your loss has helped a lot of us out there. :hugs:


It was about 3 days I know you don’t judge, my bases are fairly small since I try to build as compact as possible which seems to be punished by the last update :confused: although the floor wasn’t safe as well in my case…


Opening Event Log after every major revision:

I have a worrisome spot in two bases that I have kept for Science. heh :cold_sweat:

I keep my decay up-to-date every day, but I almost lost my trebuchet. The treb on my roof of my main slaving base, to which I bedrolled twice. I’m glad you spoke up in the “make changes” thread. They really need to either disable decay or soften it by a couple days’ margin during patch events.


Yeah, problem is

If a item loses its stability during updates the timer is far less then a day…
So if your base has like 144 hours left but the chest (or anything) is losing stability it decays in a few hours if your lucky

When not online in that time its just gone before you get on

See for example (just a small example of proof):

The Khitan carpet on line 3 has gotten abandoned
Few hours later the carpet vanished into thin air
The Orb lost stability, it was on top of the carpet in question

I was playing daily during this period of time, and the carpet was in the middle of my base… and it poofed after I got online for a few hours.

But this I can handle, however losing 50 large chests full of progress I can’t handle… I’m still pissed and I’m about to quit the game I loved so much to play -.-