Chinese and Japanese DLC but no Bamboo Hat (Ricefarmer Hat)?

Why ?

Looks cool doesn’t it ?

Hummmm, isnt the head piece of the Footsoldier armor from Yamatai a bamboo like hat? Maybe not wide, but still.

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Your right they belong to the same family of hats (Kasa) in the feudal japanese era, and they are made of the typical same materials of that age but more common was the so called ricefarmer hat what is shown in the picture above. I wouldn’t mention it if i got this stuff for free but i paid 20 bugs for both the asian cosmetic DLC’s and i would realy like a ricefarmer hat. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Rice paddy hats are made of straw, not bamboo.
I prefer the Japanese style, which is in game already.

They are work hats, not fighting hats. Except if you are kungfu panda


I am not sure such hats were ever featured within conans lore. Though it would look very nice but if it was left out it is possible that they may not have thought about it or it did not fit with the lore. Those are races within conan’s world however they do closely mimic Chinese and Japanese cultures. I could take a look around and see what i can find and let you know if you want. Otherwise i do hope this explained it a bit.

Be lucky they dont give you Akiro’s hat


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