Christmas event end date?

In previous years the Community Manager would post an announcement for the Christmas Event with the start and end date, but this year I’ve not seen it either here or on discord. The launcher does have a date, but it’s from last year. Have I missed it? Does anyone know the end date, and whether there will be any subscription bonus like previous years?


I have not seen any posting from Funcom about the Christmas event or subscription promotions.

Also curious

A community manager? … Did you mean this one? :slight_smile:

Thats for Conan Exiles

First time in a long time they either forgot or actively chose not to run a Christmas event. Which either way is pretty disappointing. I know a couple of people that were planning on resubbing to get a special leveling set.

Yea me too, now i had to use that offer instead Save 40% on Anarchy Online: Rubi-Ka New Colonist Bundle on Steam

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The event has now ended.